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Veko: The video

Following up the photoissue from veko with this movie showcasing the hygge on bulken, in the kayak, on the slackline and the swoop gap stunt.

Another good Veko at Voss: photo issue

Packed up the X-trail and left Stryn and Stad for some good times at the extreme sport week, in Voss. We found a wave, sheepheads, vossabrygg. some fat bikes, lots of good people, and mucho hygge.

BULKEN: The river-wave in Voss was up and running when we came so the first days wi did not get much done except hanging on the river.

Camilla styling.

Warm enough with the Psycho II 6/4.

Good times with locals and guests in Voss.

Skævvern also coming with some slackline stash and other toys in the pickup.

Max Hygge and full attention when skævvern walks over Money Drop.

And me trying to get back onto the team.

Shutteling up to some nice far-off downhill trails.

Just passing some moving obstacles first...

Then dropping through the gate...

To find a very cool and long trail, though very slippery.

Anders aka Mexico finishing it off with the famous mexican hairwhip on his norco.

And a little tailgate-party afterwards.

And finally a little Fernet-Branca party in the parking lot.


Summer is on!

It's been a good week, starting off with beachvolley, downhill, wakesurf and windsurf in Oslo, going on to limo ride summerskiing in Stryn with following 6wheeler dynamite expedition at Flo and now surfing at Stad.

Jørgen Jørgensen aka J-master boss knows where to be for ropeless action on the wake behind his Goldfish. Fredrik aka "I love fish" the swede is behind the wheel.

HP tailgating on the Navara between DH sessions at Frognersetern.

The Dragon jump beeing hit during FFFFFFFF, Fkin Frognersetern gettin Fckd by Fkin Freeriders havin a Fkin Festival.

Limo ride in the golden Moods of Norway extra stretched oldsmobile.

Full hygge style on the way to the mountain with nedrefloen himself.

Nice and sunny on the backside.

Following up with some healthy experiences in the beautiful Norwegian nature.

And letting nothing come in our way....

A champagne toast in the honor of dudes with dynamite and godt humør! You know who you are and we know u live on the other side of the tunnel.

All you need for summer: four wheels, skis, a guitar and a surfboard.

Max Hygge for a session in Hoddevika.

Piere gettting a little ride on his monosurfboard.

Where do we go next?

End of the cruise season

It's end of the real winter season, we have to admit but King Winter is still keeping his cold hands over some parts of the earth; Stryn, Nordnorge, Gränsen etc included. And He's probably preparing to get started down south in Meat and Fernet con coca land and New Sheepland as well.

The powdercruise was nevertheless the perfect end of the season and Heliskiing out of Abisko Mountain Lodge was definitely the way to end the end.

The heli took off 20 meters from breakfast...

And 10 minutes later we were at least 1000 meters higher...

believe it or not, this is actually Sweden and the tiny dot in the middle is the chopper... it is big enough

porky himself crusing the rare swedish big mtn pow

St. Bagarn getting it from the air

The Narvik mafia was also out with a chopper on this beautiful day and we could enjoy a beer with them at the Lodge afterwards, no fighting actually, even though they only got 8 peaks and we did 10. But they did get the steepest lines, and that is how thay like it because they are born and raised straight out of the mofokkin Mørkhåla.






The powdercruise is on again. More skiing than blogging this time for me but check these two and go to for more. The weather has been with us, the snow has been with us and all the guys that have been with us can´t stop smiling.




Thanx to Hans Anders and the rest in Stranda, Rune and the rest in Stryn and Øywind with his crew in Glomfjord.

Next up Lofoten, Narvik and Riksgransen.


Check if you understand Swedish or want to see more pictures.



The Danish Big Mountain Championships?

We never thought it would be possible, a national big mtn freeskiing competition of the country with the highest above sea level poin measured to about three hundered meters (and that probably with a good bit of godvilje and gammel dansk and tuborg innabords on the one who measured it). But our friends since years back, the danish big mtn brothers of hygge, born under the shadow of Himmelbjergets north face, Jeppe and Tobias Hansen have done the impossible, with great success and major hygge involved of course.

Jeppe sticking it danish style.

The competition was not held on Himmelbjerget this year, due too extreme avalache danger, instead it was moved to France and Les Deux Alpes, la station du double hygge. There was probably more danes there than in actually in denmark this easter so that was no problem, and at least the danish people got something better do do than to go to Val Thwhorass and hang with the danish jibbers and look at a bunch of swedish ski models out of the fashion pages in Ivegotmypantsundermyass magazine and try to learn how to ski pipe for the fifth year in a row.

Danish flags, danish girls watching, burgers ffrying and a cool face, all set for DM in Big Mtn Hygge

And the winner is Fredrik Rödpölse, followed by JP Hygge to his right and Martin Baier on third place. They even had danish girls with skis on, but that is not something we write about on the bigmofokkintrix, danes skiing big mtn is taking it far enough.

Check video from the qualification here:

Click into for the full on coverage, more pics, all the names and results etc.

Big eastertrix at Strandafjellet. Dokka reporting.

Finaly I left Chamo and headed home to Norway for some good old norwegian hygge. After stopping by Røldal, we headed straight to Romsdala, oh la la! Stranda got dumped big time and Hans "det bruka å gå fint så" Anders rolled toppheisene from eraly morning to late afternoon. Anders "The mexican" Skarpeid and me got to play som infront of the camera of Anders Svettleifulfbø.

everybody now: fiiiiiiint å stå på ski på stranda!

"som kveitemjøl og fint fariiiiiiiiiiiiiiin"

silo)acid bo(mb)(nde) drop allmost down town grandistown

On the way to Åndalsnes we drove by an old skijump hill and we just had to play som with the snow. V-stil and telemarklandings all the way.

Next stop is Lofoten in the begining of april! See you up there!
Happ easter!
- Dokka

David comes in third at Nissan Verbier Extreme

David Magnusson left us in in the tilsammans hygge house for a couple of days and went to Verbier, ripped hard and came back with a ist full of dollars, check video of the run that gave him third in what may well be the hardest freeride comp in the world. Congratuholdpåbrillanulations!

couple shots from the film:



Click here to see the movie!

PS: salutations to sweden and Norways grandfathers of freeride, we are glad that you still are alive and hope your will be up walking again as soon as possible.

Glacier Express: final destination and beertabletennis

After stopping in Andermatt and hanging out with the Lipstickers in too much sunshine it was time to continue the glacier express and make it to Zermatt and back before the storm came in with a shitload of pow. Much needed pow that is.

Porkmaster enjoying three course first class meal with dobbel attåt together with the Alpine Legends afterskiguides Johan and Erik, as well as photographer Benny the kid.

St Moritz was more cakes and red wine than skiing, as the snow god had not visited in weeks and benny spent a lot of time teaching the legends how to hike. Arriveing in disentis, not the afterski capital of the world (though Johan managed to sniff himself straight to a world class afterskipub anyway) we got more into skiing mode. Benny shot from the hip and experienced with some new projects, and we actually found some cool little stuff to ride.

and check out all the alparna in the background

Sunbaked but smooth in Disentis.

Mike aka Mike the scottish bastard aka Erik Gustavsson aka David Magnusson steps in for the last leg of the journey and gets his VIP pass in Zermatt.

Beertabletennis, double, warmin up for a guided tour of the nightlife in Zermatt.

It also came with some Antilope, Cangaroo and stuff.


Then the storm moved in on us and it was time to evacuate and head for home base to ride some powder. 60 centimetres that is, of pure white hygge. That is next on

From Russia with POW. Gruvulf reporting.

ryssland feb 2008 109

The swedish crew with Per 'gruv-ulf' Jonsson , Wille Lindberg and Nicklas Blom has been down to the motherland of Vodka. The trip started with a day in the capital , Moscow with a super duper mega party. The party was so good that we almost decideed us to stay in moscow the rest of the trip. But we had got some reports that told us hughe snowfall in Krasnaia Polyana and decided to go anyway.

thereses bilder 099
When the lift has had to be dug out of the snow, that is a good reason to get out of the vodka routine and back on the ride program.

ryssland feb 2008 220
Gruv-Per himself.

On a tubulend airport visit were we almost lost the drunk photograf we finally went down to a white Krasnaia. It had been snowing for 6 days and the next morning the sun start to shine....Foook Yeah!!!!
The top of the mountain was closed bacause the avalanche risk but we found some nice photo spots for Blom to do his thing anyway.

ryssland feb 2008 165
We cheked in on a new mansion that they were building for the olympic with all the facilities we needed, Sauna, swimming pool and so on.

Right now we hang out the last day in moscow and buying the russsian water and the sweet cavir and heading down to the alps in a couple of days..

ryssland feb 2008 290

Se you down there
Per' gruv-ulf' jonsson

Rukande Foss vinter slackline: the movie

Here is the viewty video from David and Christian doing Rukande Foss this winter, edited by Skævvern of himself. Click here to ses the original bigtrix story about it and the pictures published in January.

Nissan Outdoor Games Behind The Scenes

Presenting the horror movie trailer from the Golgoht team and Kong Vinter director Lars Klevberg that won the behind the scenes contest at Nissan Outdoor Games Chamonix 2008.

Glacier Express, train in, ski out in Swizzyland


Where else do they have ski pass gates for the train? The swizz rail system is set up well for skiers.

I hooked up with Benny Hjort and the Alpine Legends guides Johan and Erik for a ski and train ride wth the Glacier Express, starting in St. God Damn Those Mofokkaz Are Ritz and planning to end in Zermatt. Right now we have come half way, Andermatt that is, and so far we have had a shitload of Hygge and Sun, but a little pow would be nice soon...

Johan and Erik gets used to walking after a week of skiing with the Norwegians.

And Erik will get used to snow in his ass.

In Andermatt we are hooking up with the crew from US Lipstick films who are trying to shoot a Europe-segment for their next telemark film. They did not have the best of luck with the snow but at least there is sun and hygge and beers, as well as a strong contribution from saunaland, with Tero Repo shooting and Joonas Kaarhuma beeing shot in the back as usual.

Shaun, Cody, Joonas and Tero hangin out in Andermatt

Ms Shaun R u askin if its a dude or a dudette has a hard time finding untracked stuff in andermatt theese days.

Check the teaser for the next Lipstick movie here:

so, give us some more snow!! and then we'll get back on the train again.

-Porky trainriding with bænny, Sprit-Johan and Guss!

Nissan Outdoor Games Bigtrix Style

The scandinavian open team Golgoht (which apparently means "a raindeer that has shagged so much he can't stand up anymore" in Sami language), is in Chamonix driving Nissan cars, having hygge on the mountain and competing with 6 other teams for the 10.000 euro first price.

Every team is supposed to rip all over the mountain and produce a video, so Lars Klvberg, the Kong Vinter editor, has got Espen Fatsnake, Fred la Mine, Porky and some more boys flying around filming in the mountain and he is making a killer movie.

Ragnar Tøffel getting some nice cruise turns after guiding us to some untouched stuff on masterplan de la agillen.

Here is a little taste of footage from the first days, thrown together in a totally unofficial bigtrix selection:

We hope to bring you the real contribution soon, as well as the allready legendary behind the scenes movie that Lars has made. From Chamonix, France, the home country of Jean Pierre Baguette the legendary mono skier, OUT.

Uberhochskuggentahl, the video.

We filmed some snaps with our new viewty-phones when we were in far up in Skuggentahl, Austria, chasing conserved snow in the shadows. This time porkyboy is challenging havrelars, the Kong Vinter director, with this masterpiece edited on the train between Inssbruck and Munich. The music is Shaun Bartlett, check him out at urørt. Riders are Assman Eggebø Næss, Porky Karoliussen and Espen Kristiansen, our new Kong Vinter filmer taking a break from the camera pack and huge stativhelvete på ryggen.


Peace out from the LAN-party in Innsbruck, where everybody is helping out with the updating of Asbjørn's facebook profile.

Pulverschnee in the shadows.

Before it started to snow down here in Austria we did not only go knødelbergotalbahnfahren, we also got some skiing done. It had not snowed for almost two weeks and we were in total bakrus after the ISPO but we still found our way out of Innsbruck and into Hochskuggental where the snow is always nice and fluffy in the shadows between the trees.

Espen gaps some granbar with the famous monte Hochskuggenspitze in the background.

Eating pizza in Innsbruckstadt and full on action in Hochbergogdalbahntal was good shit but we needed some a warmup for the storm coming in. Thinking we would ski ice for a whole day we were happy rabbits when coming down after a day of untracked soft and fluffy conserved stuff between the trees.

Look, kuken i fjellet has got arms.

Porky gettin some canned pow.

assman getting a haircut on the veranda in la casa Innsbruck

Big city life.

Sit tight for the shadowpow movie. If it gets done before we have to ski pow again. There is a big stom coming, and a lot of hungry Norwegians up in Zillertal that wants us to come trach their shit out.

Espen, Ass and Porky, out from the big city

Knødelrodelbahn! Sehr gut hygge in Austria.

Since we were so fed up with pumping av pulverschnee in Austria we wendt to Hochbergogdahlbahntahl and got on the longest knødelrodelbahn in all of Europe. of course it was not without hesitation that we strapped in and put our lives in the hand of some crazy austrian souercrauteating engineer but we had helmets and held on to the brillan all we could. Dessuten there was also a sticker with the number for the red cross.... sometimes you just got to go for it!

Espen and the Assman strapped into the train of death, but no worries, just call the røde kors if you are thrown off the track.

Assman grabbed a video with his new LG Viewty so join the ride but hold på brillan:

Und when you rodelfahren all day you deserve a price, what better than a couple of riesenpizzas in Innsbruck, together with Erik der sweetfuhrer straight out of the hospital and angry as a lemmen with ADHD.

Porky, Assmaster and Espen auf rodelferie in Austria.

Hemsedal pow, now with video

Christian Skævvern beeing storkar with his new viewty phone in the hyggedal lift.

We have long considered Skævvern a not so talented digitaltryne but he has now started a campagn of war against us to prove us wrong. From the pow-pow party in Hemsedal, that David and many others also attended, we have seen photos but now Chris has come up with a little movie clip, believe it or not, filmed and edited by himself with and on his new LG 5 megapixel cameraphone that he is trying to be storkar with.

Here it is, proof of god stemning in Hyggedal:

Tour de Japan: big hygge in Sushiland

The brave riders in His Majesty Kong Vinter V's Japan team is cruising through the skifields, meeting more happy japanese people, trying out new vulcanic onsens and getting introduced to weird food.

Kjetil Meatwolfs wrestling practise

The snow is awsome by the way. It´s falling continiously at about -10 degrees celsius. For a few days now we´ve had a goodbye party for Jallis. The crew has taken part in his photogames with skiis at day time and to teamleader Kjetil Meatwolfs great joy ?all naturala? at night. We´ve got another week week now, to make love with Japan wood.

Furano floodlight piste skiing. Nils Jækel: ?Feels like back home in Røldal?, he says

Andreas Åmli escapes off his trees. ?We´re about to beeing re-borned in the forrest.?

Volcanic hot bath keeps us clean

Torjus Lovedal in his best form

The offpiste manager looks through his eyes when The Crew is on expedition

Our home

Our Japanese friend and guide Taka-rashi and travel organiser

Kjetil breaking big trees

Article writer Nils Petter Rabbe
All Photos Takahiro Nakanishi

Stay tuned for the last story from Kong Vinter's crew in Japan next week, and see Kjørrulf eat sushi when Kong Vinter returns on DVD in November.

Pillows in Cham: Dokka and Bård stuck in the French Alps

LongBård and myself packed up the herregårdsvogn and headed for France, but as we crossed the border the herregårdsvogn started to have some minor problems. We pointed for Chamonix and it just got worse and worse. As we rolled in to isøks and randoski town the damn toppakning gave up completely.

Dokka is looking for a new used Volvo engine between the trees in Chamoland.

Too little hygge the Volov claimed. What? Beeing an experienced car we thought that a small roadtripp in the world biggest country, Utlandet, was going to be no problem. So now we are stuck here. And since it's dumping every other day, the baguetts and wine come for almost free and the mountains are pretty big, it's pretty hard.

When it's snowing we ski the forrest down here. Pillows and småhøkks everywhere. Finaly we managed to get down some pic's as well. Enjoy!

Bård takes a break in the engine search and pops some french pillows

Dokka going for the stiffy buttgrab on the same famous pillow where the legendary french monoskier supermoviestarhero, Jean Pierre Baguette did his first quadruppel front flip back in the 1980s.

Dokka needs a lot of rock in the pillows otherwise he bursts through them instead of taking air.

Now the heat has catched up to us once again. It's Mallorca temperature down here. We´ll be back with more when the snow is on again! And if you got a top for a Volvo 245 gl engine, 1981 årgang, send it to France!

// Dokka, on a carless roadtrip of the alps together with LongBård.

Powderslackline: fed up with pu in Hyggedal

Skævvern and David have been among the lycky ones who have enjoyed the unhemsedalish conditons they have had up in the valley of Hygge lately.  It's been dumping for a couple weeks straight  and there is about 3 narvikmeters of fresh pow between the småskog.

David doin his mornin yoga somewhere in the woods of da valley

Global porning has its advantages, this kind of dump on Hemsedal is just not Natural, looks like it's an even better winter than last year. Roumors say Steffen G has chained the rookies to the rental counter while the boss himself is out in meetings with Kong Vinter and other suppliers. They also say Simen B takes a couple hours off from his practicing to get in to the realiy show "let's disco dance" on TVHallingdal, to get some turns in every day.

Tuten bursting through the gummiforestgump.

Mc Daddy D working on his airials before going to compete in the World Freeride Tour round one in the US of Bush.

All doors and windows were snowed in on the new family house David has built with his new business money so he had to climb out of the chimney and take it from there.

But it is actually possible to get fed up with powder, at least powder and Danish people and filthy ritch Russians so Davulf and Skævvulf went to put up a slackline. They found the perfect spot for a highline after vading through the n snow for a couple hours and dug down to make some anchors. Nils Erik was there too of course and shot some pics inspired by Tallaks "laban on a line"-trick.



David working on his take a dump manouver on the line

Skævvern slcking over pow.

Skævvern and David and Tuten and Nilsulf out.

The young guns report from Arlberg

Vegar The Kid aka ivrig aka stoka and a couple more from the looped crew has ditched school in snowless Tromsø for some pow in the alps. Looks like they are getting a good education:

The Kid himself goes for straight A's in pow ripping

This is what they are reporting back to their teacher for evaluation:

Der fôhenwind had raped the mountain some days before we arrived the the valley of sweeds, aka St Anton. And so the first day of skiing could be compared to ice skating. Luckily Kong Vinter blessed us with snow that night, and when we woke up there was powder and bluebird.

We had heard rumors of the epic BC and lack of Danes and Germans in Stuben so we hopped on the morning bus and arrived to untracked powder.Inspired by the ål-in crew  we did some minigolf just underneath the chairlift. This made for some interesting angles, so check the pics.

looped ut!

Nikko does his egentrening in puddersving på innerski.

Kenta always rides with his skolesekk complete with supercompact showel that fits in the penal and digital calculater with altimeter, ski-run counter and graphical display of awesume-factor.

Nikko is too cool for new school.

Check the looped crew website in Norwegian,

Kong Vinter gets a 2 and Jean Pierre Baguette's father is sad

Kong Vinter IV got shit for the technical quality in the film, as well as for the explosion-, hygge- and havre-factors in. This was going to be the breakthrough for Baguette Jr as an international super extreme radical monoskimegamoviestar so Baguette Sr was devastated when he got the news. Lars and Bjørn T went to visit the father of a legend, see it all in this movie clip:

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