Pillows in Cham: Dokka and Brd stuck in the French Alps

LongBrd and myself packed up the herregrdsvogn and headed for France, but as we crossed the border the herregrdsvogn started to have some minor problems. We pointed for Chamonix and it just got worse and worse. As we rolled in to isks and randoski town the damn toppakning gave up completely.

Dokka is looking for a new used Volvo engine between the trees in Chamoland.

Too little hygge the Volov claimed. What? Beeing an experienced car we thought that a small roadtripp in the world biggest country, Utlandet, was going to be no problem. So now we are stuck here. And since it's dumping every other day, the baguetts and wine come for almost free and the mountains are pretty big, it's pretty hard.

When it's snowing we ski the forrest down here. Pillows and smhkks everywhere. Finaly we managed to get down some pic's as well. Enjoy!

Brd takes a break in the engine search and pops some french pillows

Dokka going for the stiffy buttgrab on the same famous pillow where the legendary french monoskier supermoviestarhero, Jean Pierre Baguette did his first quadruppel front flip back in the 1980s.

Dokka needs a lot of rock in the pillows otherwise he bursts through them instead of taking air.

Now the heat has catched up to us once again. It's Mallorca temperature down here. Well be back with more when the snow is on again! And if you got a top for a Volvo 245 gl engine, 1981 rgang, send it to France!

// Dokka, on a carless roadtrip of the alps together with LongBrd.

Posted by: Erik

With a super 1989 Mazda 121 Bstmorwagon this would never happened. Solid as a rock!

25.jan.2008 | 01:44
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