Kndelrodelbahn! Sehr gut hygge in Austria.

Since we were so fed up with pumping av pulverschnee in Austria we wendt to Hochbergogdahlbahntahl and got on the longest kndelrodelbahn in all of Europe. of course it was not without hesitation that we strapped in and put our lives in the hand of some crazy austrian souercrauteating engineer but we had helmets and held on to the brillan all we could. Dessuten there was also a sticker with the number for the red cross.... sometimes you just got to go for it!

Espen and the Assman strapped into the train of death, but no worries, just call the rde kors if you are thrown off the track.

Assman grabbed a video with his new LG Viewty so join the ride but hold p brillan:

Und when you rodelfahren all day you deserve a price, what better than a couple of riesenpizzas in Innsbruck, together with Erik der sweetfuhrer straight out of the hospital and angry as a lemmen with ADHD.

Porky, Assmaster and Espen auf rodelferie in Austria.


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