Nissan Outdoor Games Bigtrix Style

The scandinavian open team Golgoht (which apparently means "a raindeer that has shagged so much he can't stand up anymore" in Sami language), is in Chamonix driving Nissan cars, having hygge on the mountain and competing with 6 other teams for the 10.000 euro first price.

Every team is supposed to rip all over the mountain and produce a video, so Lars Klvberg, the Kong Vinter editor, has got Espen Fatsnake, Fred la Mine, Porky and some more boys flying around filming in the mountain and he is making a killer movie.

Ragnar Tffel getting some nice cruise turns after guiding us to some untouched stuff on masterplan de la agillen.

Here is a little taste of footage from the first days, thrown together in a totally unofficial bigtrix selection:

We hope to bring you the real contribution soon, as well as the allready legendary behind the scenes movie that Lars has made. From Chamonix, France, the home country of Jean Pierre Baguette the legendary mono skier, OUT.

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Hels Coyote/ Trouble Maker/ Stephane (han som teiknar) fr Ingvild om de treffer han!

18.feb.2008 | 12:56

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