Glacier Express, train in, ski out in Swizzyland


Where else do they have ski pass gates for the train? The swizz rail system is set up well for skiers.

I hooked up with Benny Hjort and the Alpine Legends guides Johan and Erik for a ski and train ride wth the Glacier Express, starting in St. God Damn Those Mofokkaz Are Ritz and planning to end in Zermatt. Right now we have come half way, Andermatt that is, and so far we have had a shitload of Hygge and Sun, but a little pow would be nice soon...

Johan and Erik gets used to walking after a week of skiing with the Norwegians.

And Erik will get used to snow in his ass.

In Andermatt we are hooking up with the crew from US Lipstick films who are trying to shoot a Europe-segment for their next telemark film. They did not have the best of luck with the snow but at least there is sun and hygge and beers, as well as a strong contribution from saunaland, with Tero Repo shooting and Joonas Kaarhuma beeing shot in the back as usual.

Shaun, Cody, Joonas and Tero hangin out in Andermatt

Ms Shaun R u askin if its a dude or a dudette has a hard time finding untracked stuff in andermatt theese days.

Check the teaser for the next Lipstick movie here:

so, give us some more snow!! and then we'll get back on the train again.

-Porky trainriding with bnny, Sprit-Johan and Guss!


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