From Russia with POW. Gruvulf reporting.

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The swedish crew with Per 'gruv-ulf' Jonsson , Wille Lindberg and Nicklas Blom has been down to the motherland of Vodka. The trip started with a day in the capital , Moscow with a super duper mega party. The party was so good that we almost decideed us to stay in moscow the rest of the trip. But we had got some reports that told us hughe snowfall in Krasnaia Polyana and decided to go anyway.

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When the lift has had to be dug out of the snow, that is a good reason to get out of the vodka routine and back on the ride program.

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Gruv-Per himself.

On a tubulend airport visit were we almost lost the drunk photograf we finally went down to a white Krasnaia. It had been snowing for 6 days and the next morning the sun start to shine....Foook Yeah!!!!
The top of the mountain was closed bacause the avalanche risk but we found some nice photo spots for Blom to do his thing anyway.

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We cheked in on a new mansion that they were building for the olympic with all the facilities we needed, Sauna, swimming pool and so on.

Right now we hang out the last day in moscow and buying the russsian water and the sweet cavir and heading down to the alps in a couple of days..

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Se you down there
Per' gruv-ulf' jonsson

Posted by: porky

good times, but what about some skiing pictures, gruvulf?

07.mar.2008 | 09:14

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