Glacier Express: final destination and beertabletennis

After stopping in Andermatt and hanging out with the Lipstickers in too much sunshine it was time to continue the glacier express and make it to Zermatt and back before the storm came in with a shitload of pow. Much needed pow that is.

Porkmaster enjoying three course first class meal with dobbel attt together with the Alpine Legends afterskiguides Johan and Erik, as well as photographer Benny the kid.

St Moritz was more cakes and red wine than skiing, as the snow god had not visited in weeks and benny spent a lot of time teaching the legends how to hike. Arriveing in disentis, not the afterski capital of the world (though Johan managed to sniff himself straight to a world class afterskipub anyway) we got more into skiing mode. Benny shot from the hip and experienced with some new projects, and we actually found some cool little stuff to ride.

and check out all the alparna in the background

Sunbaked but smooth in Disentis.

Mike aka Mike the scottish bastard aka Erik Gustavsson aka David Magnusson steps in for the last leg of the journey and gets his VIP pass in Zermatt.

Beertabletennis, double, warmin up for a guided tour of the nightlife in Zermatt.

It also came with some Antilope, Cangaroo and stuff.


Then the storm moved in on us and it was time to evacuate and head for home base to ride some powder. 60 centimetres that is, of pure white hygge. That is next on


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