The Danish Big Mountain Championships?

We never thought it would be possible, a national big mtn freeskiing competition of the country with the highest above sea level poin measured to about three hundered meters (and that probably with a good bit of godvilje and gammel dansk and tuborginnabords on the one who measured it). But our friends since years back, the danish big mtn brothers of hygge, born under the shadow of Himmelbjergets north face, Jeppe and Tobias Hansen have done the impossible, with great success and major hygge involved of course.

Jeppe sticking it danish style.

The competition was not held on Himmelbjerget this year, due too extreme avalache danger, instead it was moved to France and Les Deux Alpes, la station du double hygge.There was probably more danes there than in actually in denmark this easter so that was no problem,and at least the danishpeople got something better do do than to go toVal Thwhorass and hang with the danish jibbers and look at a bunch of swedish ski models out of the fashion pages in Ivegotmypantsundermyass magazine and try to learn how to ski pipe for the fifth year in a row.

Danish flags, danish girls watching, burgers ffryingand a cool face, all set for DM in Big Mtn Hygge

And the winner is Fredrik Rdplse, followed by JP Hygge to his right and Martin Baier on third place. They even had danishgirls with skis on, but that is not something we write about on the bigmofokkintrix, danes skiing big mtn is taking it far enough.

Check video from the qualification here:

Click for the full on coverage, more pics, all the names and results etc.


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