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Veko: The video

Following up the photoissue from veko with this movie showcasing the hygge on bulken, in the kayak, on the slackline and the swoop gap stunt.

Another good Veko at Voss: photo issue

Packed up the X-trail and left Stryn and Stad for some good times at the extreme sport week, in Voss. We found a wave, sheepheads, vossabrygg. some fat bikes, lots of good people, and mucho hygge.

BULKEN: The river-wave in Voss was up and running when we came so the first days wi did not get much done except hanging on the river.

Camilla styling.

Warm enough with the Psycho II 6/4.

Good times with locals and guests in Voss.

Skævvern also coming with some slackline stash and other toys in the pickup.

Max Hygge and full attention when skævvern walks over Money Drop.

And me trying to get back onto the team.

Shutteling up to some nice far-off downhill trails.

Just passing some moving obstacles first...

Then dropping through the gate...

To find a very cool and long trail, though very slippery.

Anders aka Mexico finishing it off with the famous mexican hairwhip on his norco.

And a little tailgate-party afterwards.

And finally a little Fernet-Branca party in the parking lot.


Summer is on!

It's been a good week, starting off with beachvolley, downhill, wakesurf and windsurf in Oslo, going on to limo ride summerskiing in Stryn with following 6wheeler dynamite expedition at Flo and now surfing at Stad.

Jørgen Jørgensen aka J-master boss knows where to be for ropeless action on the wake behind his Goldfish. Fredrik aka "I love fish" the swede is behind the wheel.

HP tailgating on the Navara between DH sessions at Frognersetern.

The Dragon jump beeing hit during FFFFFFFF, Fkin Frognersetern gettin Fckd by Fkin Freeriders havin a Fkin Festival.

Limo ride in the golden Moods of Norway extra stretched oldsmobile.

Full hygge style on the way to the mountain with nedrefloen himself.

Nice and sunny on the backside.

Following up with some healthy experiences in the beautiful Norwegian nature.

And letting nothing come in our way....

A champagne toast in the honor of dudes with dynamite and godt humør! You know who you are and we know u live on the other side of the tunnel.

All you need for summer: four wheels, skis, a guitar and a surfboard.

Max Hygge for a session in Hoddevika.

Piere gettting a little ride on his monosurfboard.

Where do we go next?

End of the cruise season

It's end of the real winter season, we have to admit but King Winter is still keeping his cold hands over some parts of the earth; Stryn, Nordnorge, Gränsen etc included. And He's probably preparing to get started down south in Meat and Fernet con coca land and New Sheepland as well.

The powdercruise was nevertheless the perfect end of the season and Heliskiing out of Abisko Mountain Lodge was definitely the way to end the end.

The heli took off 20 meters from breakfast...

And 10 minutes later we were at least 1000 meters higher...

believe it or not, this is actually Sweden and the tiny dot in the middle is the chopper... it is big enough

porky himself crusing the rare swedish big mtn pow

St. Bagarn getting it from the air

The Narvik mafia was also out with a chopper on this beautiful day and we could enjoy a beer with them at the Lodge afterwards, no fighting actually, even though they only got 8 peaks and we did 10. But they did get the steepest lines, and that is how thay like it because they are born and raised straight out of the mofokkin Mørkhåla.






The powdercruise is on again. More skiing than blogging this time for me but check these two and go to for more. The weather has been with us, the snow has been with us and all the guys that have been with us can´t stop smiling.




Thanx to Hans Anders and the rest in Stranda, Rune and the rest in Stryn and Øywind with his crew in Glomfjord.

Next up Lofoten, Narvik and Riksgransen.


Check if you understand Swedish or want to see more pictures.



The Danish Big Mountain Championships?

We never thought it would be possible, a national big mtn freeskiing competition of the country with the highest above sea level poin measured to about three hundered meters (and that probably with a good bit of godvilje and gammel dansk and tuborg innabords on the one who measured it). But our friends since years back, the danish big mtn brothers of hygge, born under the shadow of Himmelbjergets north face, Jeppe and Tobias Hansen have done the impossible, with great success and major hygge involved of course.

Jeppe sticking it danish style.

The competition was not held on Himmelbjerget this year, due too extreme avalache danger, instead it was moved to France and Les Deux Alpes, la station du double hygge. There was probably more danes there than in actually in denmark this easter so that was no problem, and at least the danish people got something better do do than to go to Val Thwhorass and hang with the danish jibbers and look at a bunch of swedish ski models out of the fashion pages in Ivegotmypantsundermyass magazine and try to learn how to ski pipe for the fifth year in a row.

Danish flags, danish girls watching, burgers ffrying and a cool face, all set for DM in Big Mtn Hygge

And the winner is Fredrik Rödpölse, followed by JP Hygge to his right and Martin Baier on third place. They even had danish girls with skis on, but that is not something we write about on the bigmofokkintrix, danes skiing big mtn is taking it far enough.

Check video from the qualification here:

Click into for the full on coverage, more pics, all the names and results etc.

Big eastertrix at Strandafjellet. Dokka reporting.

Finaly I left Chamo and headed home to Norway for some good old norwegian hygge. After stopping by Røldal, we headed straight to Romsdala, oh la la! Stranda got dumped big time and Hans "det bruka å gå fint så" Anders rolled toppheisene from eraly morning to late afternoon. Anders "The mexican" Skarpeid and me got to play som infront of the camera of Anders Svettleifulfbø.

everybody now: fiiiiiiint å stå på ski på stranda!

"som kveitemjøl og fint fariiiiiiiiiiiiiiin"

silo)acid bo(mb)(nde) drop allmost down town grandistown

On the way to Åndalsnes we drove by an old skijump hill and we just had to play som with the snow. V-stil and telemarklandings all the way.

Next stop is Lofoten in the begining of april! See you up there!
Happ easter!
- Dokka

David comes in third at Nissan Verbier Extreme

David Magnusson left us in in the tilsammans hygge house for a couple of days and went to Verbier, ripped hard and came back with a ist full of dollars, check video of the run that gave him third in what may well be the hardest freeride comp in the world. Congratuholdpåbrillanulations!

couple shots from the film:



Click here to see the movie!

PS: salutations to sweden and Norways grandfathers of freeride, we are glad that you still are alive and hope your will be up walking again as soon as possible.

Glacier Express: final destination and beertabletennis

After stopping in Andermatt and hanging out with the Lipstickers in too much sunshine it was time to continue the glacier express and make it to Zermatt and back before the storm came in with a shitload of pow. Much needed pow that is.

Porkmaster enjoying three course first class meal with dobbel attåt together with the Alpine Legends afterskiguides Johan and Erik, as well as photographer Benny the kid.

St Moritz was more cakes and red wine than skiing, as the snow god had not visited in weeks and benny spent a lot of time teaching the legends how to hike. Arriveing in disentis, not the afterski capital of the world (though Johan managed to sniff himself straight to a world class afterskipub anyway) we got more into skiing mode. Benny shot from the hip and experienced with some new projects, and we actually found some cool little stuff to ride.

and check out all the alparna in the background

Sunbaked but smooth in Disentis.

Mike aka Mike the scottish bastard aka Erik Gustavsson aka David Magnusson steps in for the last leg of the journey and gets his VIP pass in Zermatt.

Beertabletennis, double, warmin up for a guided tour of the nightlife in Zermatt.

It also came with some Antilope, Cangaroo and stuff.


Then the storm moved in on us and it was time to evacuate and head for home base to ride some powder. 60 centimetres that is, of pure white hygge. That is next on

From Russia with POW. Gruvulf reporting.

ryssland feb 2008 109

The swedish crew with Per 'gruv-ulf' Jonsson , Wille Lindberg and Nicklas Blom has been down to the motherland of Vodka. The trip started with a day in the capital , Moscow with a super duper mega party. The party was so good that we almost decideed us to stay in moscow the rest of the trip. But we had got some reports that told us hughe snowfall in Krasnaia Polyana and decided to go anyway.

thereses bilder 099
When the lift has had to be dug out of the snow, that is a good reason to get out of the vodka routine and back on the ride program.

ryssland feb 2008 220
Gruv-Per himself.

On a tubulend airport visit were we almost lost the drunk photograf we finally went down to a white Krasnaia. It had been snowing for 6 days and the next morning the sun start to shine....Foook Yeah!!!!
The top of the mountain was closed bacause the avalanche risk but we found some nice photo spots for Blom to do his thing anyway.

ryssland feb 2008 165
We cheked in on a new mansion that they were building for the olympic with all the facilities we needed, Sauna, swimming pool and so on.

Right now we hang out the last day in moscow and buying the russsian water and the sweet cavir and heading down to the alps in a couple of days..

ryssland feb 2008 290

Se you down there
Per' gruv-ulf' jonsson

Rukande Foss vinter slackline: the movie

Here is the viewty video from David and Christian doing Rukande Foss this winter, edited by Skævvern of himself. Click here to ses the original bigtrix story about it and the pictures published in January.

Nissan Outdoor Games Behind The Scenes

Presenting the horror movie trailer from the Golgoht team and Kong Vinter director Lars Klevberg that won the behind the scenes contest at Nissan Outdoor Games Chamonix 2008.

Glacier Express, train in, ski out in Swizzyland


Where else do they have ski pass gates for the train? The swizz rail system is set up well for skiers.

I hooked up with Benny Hjort and the Alpine Legends guides Johan and Erik for a ski and train ride wth the Glacier Express, starting in St. God Damn Those Mofokkaz Are Ritz and planning to end in Zermatt. Right now we have come half way, Andermatt that is, and so far we have had a shitload of Hygge and Sun, but a little pow would be nice soon...

Johan and Erik gets used to walking after a week of skiing with the Norwegians.

And Erik will get used to snow in his ass.

In Andermatt we are hooking up with the crew from US Lipstick films who are trying to shoot a Europe-segment for their next telemark film. They did not have the best of luck with the snow but at least there is sun and hygge and beers, as well as a strong contribution from saunaland, with Tero Repo shooting and Joonas Kaarhuma beeing shot in the back as usual.

Shaun, Cody, Joonas and Tero hangin out in Andermatt

Ms Shaun R u askin if its a dude or a dudette has a hard time finding untracked stuff in andermatt theese days.

Check the teaser for the next Lipstick movie here:

so, give us some more snow!! and then we'll get back on the train again.

-Porky trainriding with bænny, Sprit-Johan and Guss!

Nissan Outdoor Games Bigtrix Style

The scandinavian open team Golgoht (which apparently means "a raindeer that has shagged so much he can't stand up anymore" in Sami language), is in Chamonix driving Nissan cars, having hygge on the mountain and competing with 6 other teams for the 10.000 euro first price.

Every team is supposed to rip all over the mountain and produce a video, so Lars Klvberg, the Kong Vinter editor, has got Espen Fatsnake, Fred la Mine, Porky and some more boys flying around filming in the mountain and he is making a killer movie.

Ragnar Tøffel getting some nice cruise turns after guiding us to some untouched stuff on masterplan de la agillen.

Here is a little taste of footage from the first days, thrown together in a totally unofficial bigtrix selection:

We hope to bring you the real contribution soon, as well as the allready legendary behind the scenes movie that Lars has made. From Chamonix, France, the home country of Jean Pierre Baguette the legendary mono skier, OUT.

Uberhochskuggentahl, the video.

We filmed some snaps with our new viewty-phones when we were in far up in Skuggentahl, Austria, chasing conserved snow in the shadows. This time porkyboy is challenging havrelars, the Kong Vinter director, with this masterpiece edited on the train between Inssbruck and Munich. The music is Shaun Bartlett, check him out at urørt. Riders are Assman Eggebø Næss, Porky Karoliussen and Espen Kristiansen, our new Kong Vinter filmer taking a break from the camera pack and huge stativhelvete på ryggen.


Peace out from the LAN-party in Innsbruck, where everybody is helping out with the updating of Asbjørn's facebook profile.

Pulverschnee in the shadows.

Before it started to snow down here in Austria we did not only go knødelbergotalbahnfahren, we also got some skiing done. It had not snowed for almost two weeks and we were in total bakrus after the ISPO but we still found our way out of Innsbruck and into Hochskuggental where the snow is always nice and fluffy in the shadows between the trees.

Espen gaps some granbar with the famous monte Hochskuggenspitze in the background.

Eating pizza in Innsbruckstadt and full on action in Hochbergogdalbahntal was good shit but we needed some a warmup for the storm coming in. Thinking we would ski ice for a whole day we were happy rabbits when coming down after a day of untracked soft and fluffy conserved stuff between the trees.

Look, kuken i fjellet has got arms.

Porky gettin some canned pow.

assman getting a haircut on the veranda in la casa Innsbruck

Big city life.

Sit tight for the shadowpow movie. If it gets done before we have to ski pow again. There is a big stom coming, and a lot of hungry Norwegians up in Zillertal that wants us to come trach their shit out.

Espen, Ass and Porky, out from the big city

Knødelrodelbahn! Sehr gut hygge in Austria.

Since we were so fed up with pumping av pulverschnee in Austria we wendt to Hochbergogdahlbahntahl and got on the longest knødelrodelbahn in all of Europe. of course it was not without hesitation that we strapped in and put our lives in the hand of some crazy austrian souercrauteating engineer but we had helmets and held on to the brillan all we could. Dessuten there was also a sticker with the number for the red cross.... sometimes you just got to go for it!

Espen and the Assman strapped into the train of death, but no worries, just call the røde kors if you are thrown off the track.

Assman grabbed a video with his new LG Viewty so join the ride but hold på brillan:

Und when you rodelfahren all day you deserve a price, what better than a couple of riesenpizzas in Innsbruck, together with Erik der sweetfuhrer straight out of the hospital and angry as a lemmen with ADHD.

Porky, Assmaster and Espen auf rodelferie in Austria.

Hemsedal pow, now with video

Christian Skævvern beeing storkar with his new viewty phone in the hyggedal lift.

We have long considered Skævvern a not so talented digitaltryne but he has now started a campagn of war against us to prove us wrong. From the pow-pow party in Hemsedal, that David and many others also attended, we have seen photos but now Chris has come up with a little movie clip, believe it or not, filmed and edited by himself with and on his new LG 5 megapixel cameraphone that he is trying to be storkar with.

Here it is, proof of god stemning in Hyggedal:

Tour de Japan: big hygge in Sushiland

The brave riders in His Majesty Kong Vinter V's Japan team is cruising through the skifields, meeting more happy japanese people, trying out new vulcanic onsens and getting introduced to weird food.

Kjetil Meatwolfs wrestling practise

The snow is awsome by the way. It´s falling continiously at about -10 degrees celsius. For a few days now we´ve had a goodbye party for Jallis. The crew has taken part in his photogames with skiis at day time and to teamleader Kjetil Meatwolfs great joy ?all naturala? at night. We´ve got another week week now, to make love with Japan wood.

Furano floodlight piste skiing. Nils Jækel: ?Feels like back home in Røldal?, he says

Andreas Åmli escapes off his trees. ?We´re about to beeing re-borned in the forrest.?

Volcanic hot bath keeps us clean

Torjus Lovedal in his best form

The offpiste manager looks through his eyes when The Crew is on expedition

Our home

Our Japanese friend and guide Taka-rashi and travel organiser

Kjetil breaking big trees

Article writer Nils Petter Rabbe
All Photos Takahiro Nakanishi

Stay tuned for the last story from Kong Vinter's crew in Japan next week, and see Kjørrulf eat sushi when Kong Vinter returns on DVD in November.

Pillows in Cham: Dokka and Bård stuck in the French Alps

LongBård and myself packed up the herregårdsvogn and headed for France, but as we crossed the border the herregårdsvogn started to have some minor problems. We pointed for Chamonix and it just got worse and worse. As we rolled in to isøks and randoski town the damn toppakning gave up completely.

Dokka is looking for a new used Volvo engine between the trees in Chamoland.

Too little hygge the Volov claimed. What? Beeing an experienced car we thought that a small roadtripp in the world biggest country, Utlandet, was going to be no problem. So now we are stuck here. And since it's dumping every other day, the baguetts and wine come for almost free and the mountains are pretty big, it's pretty hard.

When it's snowing we ski the forrest down here. Pillows and småhøkks everywhere. Finaly we managed to get down some pic's as well. Enjoy!

Bård takes a break in the engine search and pops some french pillows

Dokka going for the stiffy buttgrab on the same famous pillow where the legendary french monoskier supermoviestarhero, Jean Pierre Baguette did his first quadruppel front flip back in the 1980s.

Dokka needs a lot of rock in the pillows otherwise he bursts through them instead of taking air.

Now the heat has catched up to us once again. It's Mallorca temperature down here. We´ll be back with more when the snow is on again! And if you got a top for a Volvo 245 gl engine, 1981 årgang, send it to France!

// Dokka, on a carless roadtrip of the alps together with LongBård.

Powderslackline: fed up with pu in Hyggedal

Skævvern and David have been among the lycky ones who have enjoyed the unhemsedalish conditons they have had up in the valley of Hygge lately.  It's been dumping for a couple weeks straight  and there is about 3 narvikmeters of fresh pow between the småskog.

David doin his mornin yoga somewhere in the woods of da valley

Global porning has its advantages, this kind of dump on Hemsedal is just not Natural, looks like it's an even better winter than last year. Roumors say Steffen G has chained the rookies to the rental counter while the boss himself is out in meetings with Kong Vinter and other suppliers. They also say Simen B takes a couple hours off from his practicing to get in to the realiy show "let's disco dance" on TVHallingdal, to get some turns in every day.

Tuten bursting through the gummiforestgump.

Mc Daddy D working on his airials before going to compete in the World Freeride Tour round one in the US of Bush.

All doors and windows were snowed in on the new family house David has built with his new business money so he had to climb out of the chimney and take it from there.

But it is actually possible to get fed up with powder, at least powder and Danish people and filthy ritch Russians so Davulf and Skævvulf went to put up a slackline. They found the perfect spot for a highline after vading through the n snow for a couple hours and dug down to make some anchors. Nils Erik was there too of course and shot some pics inspired by Tallaks "laban on a line"-trick.



David working on his take a dump manouver on the line

Skævvern slcking over pow.

Skævvern and David and Tuten and Nilsulf out.

The young guns report from Arlberg

Vegar The Kid aka ivrig aka stoka and a couple more from the looped crew has ditched school in snowless Tromsø for some pow in the alps. Looks like they are getting a good education:

The Kid himself goes for straight A's in pow ripping

This is what they are reporting back to their teacher for evaluation:

Der fôhenwind had raped the mountain some days before we arrived the the valley of sweeds, aka St Anton. And so the first day of skiing could be compared to ice skating. Luckily Kong Vinter blessed us with snow that night, and when we woke up there was powder and bluebird.

We had heard rumors of the epic BC and lack of Danes and Germans in Stuben so we hopped on the morning bus and arrived to untracked powder.Inspired by the ål-in crew  we did some minigolf just underneath the chairlift. This made for some interesting angles, so check the pics.

looped ut!

Nikko does his egentrening in puddersving på innerski.

Kenta always rides with his skolesekk complete with supercompact showel that fits in the penal and digital calculater with altimeter, ski-run counter and graphical display of awesume-factor.

Nikko is too cool for new school.

Check the looped crew website in Norwegian,

Kong Vinter gets a 2 and Jean Pierre Baguette's father is sad

Kong Vinter IV got shit for the technical quality in the film, as well as for the explosion-, hygge- and havre-factors in. This was going to be the breakthrough for Baguette Jr as an international super extreme radical monoskimegamoviestar so Baguette Sr was devastated when he got the news. Lars and Bjørn T went to visit the father of a legend, see it all in this movie clip:

St Mo-Ritch - shiny but scetchy

Holy cow, snow-forecast predicted 50-60cm of pow, and we just had to og to the Engadin valley and check it out.

Rally-J-N-da-ass leaving the germans in the dust,

Jonas the rally driver drove all the way to St Moritz, over the Julierpass. It was snowin hard the whole way and he passed germans with snow-chains in high speeds with no trouble at all. The road was covered in tons of snow, and in the steep sections it was total chaos,but Jonas maneuvered the car gently uphill between frustrated swiss and german not so rally drivers..

We decided to check out Silvaplana and it was gonna be a insane day in many ways.. The chief patroller told us they had received 70-80 cm of fresh in the top section of the mountain. And it was super super avalanchy.. The first thing that happened was a slide triggered by the photographer traversing to get into a good spot for shooting Jonas on a cliff huck. So, we looked elswere, but it was all the same. Around 20 avalanches slid that day from skiers inbounds. It was a scary day. Around us in the high mountains it was huge avalanches triggered by ski patrollers?


Well, we managed to find some safe spots, and got some nice shots anyway.. It turned out to be a sick day!!!
I am not even gonna try to explain the pictures? Yall can see what went down last Sunday.. Jonas Hjelme has his purple Salomon One-pice, and Even Ofstad his Green Ganster Jacket Enjoy




//Even-O and Jonas

Get Kong Vinter IV for your mobile phone!

LG Electronics in Norway is running a photo contest in connection with their new 5.0 mega pixl cameraphone, where you can win a pair of special LG designed skis and the fourth Kong Vinter ski movie "The Lost Hygge" on a flash memory card for your mobile. That means you can get some Kong Vinter hygge anywhere through your phone your phone!

Click here to go to the page and get into the contest!


Our new favorite band, Howl, is in the finals for the NRK Urørt competition, with the song Repeater known from Kong Vinter IV. Click here to listen to the song and vote for our guys!

Kong Vinter IV happens, This time it´s WAR!

Hey, Larsolito here, aka director man aka Mongomission-president. Hooked up with Azz aka Angryfarmer, Espen K aka Hockeydude, Espen Fadnes aka Batman aka Bruce Wayne without his cape and Kiddo aka Bjørn aka El presidento-russ aka Særemne-student. And the shit is happening now!

When terror rules, Batman aka Fatsnake needs to kick ass. Here attacking from the left.

Azzmaster aka Lagførern had a ordremøte in his new teamtent in Innsbruck. Last year the enemy was moving to close, so Angryfarmer got some reinforcements. Espen Fadnes aka Bruce Wayne without his cape aka Emmy-nominee dude got here in time, and the crazy moffoker is starring in ?Kong Vinter IV ? untitled WAR?.

0500 wake up call (no bullshit). I served Bruce Wayne breakfast and we headed for the train. Missed it, got strekked from Angryfarmer and lurte us in his new skimobile heading for the mountains. No syting, no slappeav, no mongomissions, the Angryfarmer pointed and shouted, getting the geværlag to attack! Bruce Wayne from the flank, El presidento from the left  and himself pulling up some nasty war-tricks from the rear! And the Photoman Ener and Photoman Toer operating the cameras like an MG-Gjeng, klipping byger in 25 frames per second.

War gives a fck about age. Kiddo aka El Presidento aka Bjørn knows this and fires at will. Angryfarmer aka El-Presidento-mentor likes it

Angryfarmer aka Asbjørn aka Lagfører leder fra front and drops down towards the enemy. No retreat no surrender! SPARTANS, THIS DAY WE FIGHT!

batman 3
A big shot off Batman aka Espen Emmy award. As a NK to Angryfarmer, they combine the forces, and THEY´RE SO BAD , THEY MAKE MEDICIN SICK!

No early-lunch, no sleep or no dårlig stemming. The riders really kickin it. It´s war this year, and we all have to step it up a bit. Takin no prisoners!

Only screenshots this time, from the rawfootage from the king. Don´t have time to do anything else! Angryfarmer is SO streng with me (director) on the mountain. ?Why so much water in the sekk??, ?Learn to ride pow now!!?, ?Lars, I don´t care about not having feller to walk on. Walk up there now!!!!?, ?Lars, don´t go there!? ? Lars, film

Carrot`s, cheeze `n` the valley of angels!

What da fookk? We be sittin` here in da land of the Heidi`s n` cheeze.. And we be havin` a great time. Right now we are stuck in Engelberg, or stuck is not the right word. This is where we really wanna be, its as nice as it can be theses days. We got over 2 meter of solid base layer, and every little drizzle of snow makes it supa supa nice.

Even and Jooonas have been out playing around with Jonas` nice little camera. Even  is a shitty photographer, but Jonas knows his shitt . As you can see from the pic`s?.

Jonas is practicing for his 1`st base-jump attempt?


Noot a really good landing, Jonas?? Checking if his leg is still there.. Ouch!


Is that 14 cm and 50 degree pose leaning or is that 50 cm. and 14 degrees natural leaning?



"Jonas the crazy Norwegian" has his own fan-club down here in Swizzalaand. The Swedish Posse is watching as he does his crazy hucks!

Jonassso is huckin some "Jamie Pierre like cliff".. Or was it a little smaller, not sure.. The swedes thinks he`s crazy anyways...


EvenO the original Chef d` cuisine, making sure none of the Swedish skibummers is stealing his food..

Is that the fruits of having a swedish fanclub or is it EvenO making sure the dishwasher gets the JOB done?

- Even-O and J-n-ass doin'it or getting done in Engelberg.

Erik The Kid meets Gammelerik in the alps again

Superhappy and proud for the upcoming birth of NorthNorways new freerider, Erik the face aka Erik the kid aka Interior-E and me had to "sele på" Rudolf (formula 1 reindeer with "ølnese" and flying abilities, from NorthNorway, only used during christmas) and fly to the european alps, to celebrate and spread the happy budskap. When we came to Østerrich all the hotels and hostels where full, but gammel erik and his sweet friends had room for us in the barn..

Erik The Face follows in the fotsteps of Gammelerik

Santa claus himself had seem to be in a hurry this year, and had spread all the white christmas presents two weeeks earlyer. We had to search hard and look under all potensial christmas trees to find the last of the lost gifts..

But as always, when "gode råd e dyre" (norwegian for: "if you dont now the bigtrix you need a lot of cash") Erik Ålden aka Oldfox had a bank full of trix. We had to travel deep in the austrian forrest ! Here we found great pow and Rudolfs good Gems buddies. we excanged reindeer rumours, happy wishes and skied on !

Back down in the valley the police didnt believe our good intentions or ability to speak austrian reindeer. They took our skipasses and (again) we stood bare naked, not very "høy i hatten" (reindeer food carryied in a hat). Gammel Erik of course knew about this, straighted down the valley, switched to austrian clothes, putted on a trekkspill and was soon seated close with the locals, jodling and skåling with the police.

Erik the kid sætting på no fart, on his way down telling Rudolf the reindeer the latest news from the Gemsforrest..

At newyears eve we had a fantastic time with the norwegian sweet like sugar caramel and kisses love and hippiness team. Putting headandshoulder in the hair, vodka in the stomach, singing, dancing and played the bakvendtland game putting all the fireworks upside down. It was an insane close to death in the belfast streets experience..

Erik doing a close inspection after a bullseye hit with one of his rockets..

After some days with a lack of the white stuff, Gammelerik came up with the idea of a roadtrip to a climbingspot, tactical close to the next snowdump. We where invited to Eriks climbing friends in the climbing valley! We had a great time using all our money on radiocars and choppers getting "passiv stein" (kratis drug for athletes against
dope). crimped hard and waited for kong winter.

Erik the kid climbing hard, while gammelerik is giving good support and teaching nice moves and tricks.

Out of spareparts for Rc toys we left our stone buddies, hit the road, and was again on hyggeadventure checking out new skiresorts..

Summary: The start of 2008 has for us been filled with good skiing and the always number one priority HYGGE ! We have seen a lot of gems, a lot of austrian girls showing us how god and his surgery friends created them ( check out, best nude sauna in the town).  Met a lot of hyggelige folk and learned a lot about Henri Toivonen, rally corsica and the legendary 1985 season (thanks Martinsen)

Wishing everybody in the world a big bag with hygge and a happy 2008. Erik the Face says have a great 2008 and ski you later in a skiresort near you!


Longbård and Dokka doin the alps

Since the alps have fått på en go start this year, so Bård and me packed up the Volvo Herrgårdsvagn and rolled south.

Fine tuning the spikes to autobahn position with anti Porche mode and automatic realease into glossy sides of new Audi´s function.

We crusied all the way down to the Arlberg area and hooked up with Ander Slettebø aka Svettulf, Ola Sørensen aka Viggo, Kristian Kristiansen aka Skubi and Tommy Nordbø aka Tungå. First day was a great sucsess! The snow wasn't new, but it had stayed fresh from last dump.

Svettulf putting on his version of the famous FeitFlipp

Tungå taking air in the sweet powder under the magic grantustkneipa

Long Bård makin turns in his heimsnekra heldress, hyggepiece for the outdoors.

Now we are moving on. Austria is getting to hot. To be continiued....

// Dokka

Holiday surfing in the porridgefjord

Spending the holidays with the family up north in Norway, with no light and no snow. If it wasn't for the porridgefjord delivering leftover inshore bølgeskvalp from the many storms passing by here I would have gone completely crazy by now.

not very glossy, but  small and messy and cold at least... G-fjord style

G-fjord - or Porridge Pipeline as the locals call it - is the town surf spot for Tromsø big city life storbymetropol. By some kind of magic it provides the lucky owners of O'neill Psycho II 6.4 wetsuits with something that looks like waves and actually make for something that resembles surfing. Except for the local hero Ronny O, aka Fashionronny fra Narvik, who is said to ride tunnels here on a weekly basis, it is mostly bathing, paddeling practice and pause from the lesesalhelvete som det går i.

Around theese holidays conditions have been rimelig stable, with multiple working days in a row and exceptional clean 1,5 to 2m fromts on Christmas eve. Changing in size, looks, wind and weather, but daglig plasking away some juleribba like førrbainna uansett.

Vegard The Kid, aka Ivrig, gets into the new wetsuit he got for Christmas.

Where tha tvihold på brillan is the ocean?

and where is the gun, I want some Seal for dinner

Porridgefjord Pipeline way over it's best on Julaften Eve

How small can you go? At least it's clean. Hoping the new year brings more waves.

small, but at least it closes out....

This is just a picture from Havaii that we thought would be nice in this story.

-Porky and The Kid

Kong Vinter is ON again! Fresh crew in Ötztal

Kong Vinter has presented the pre-season of the century in Europe this year, and his prowd riders have been out chasing the hygge. His Highness King Winter´s trusted filmer Espen Kristiansen went into the heart of the White alps with Dennis Risulf and Torjulf Løvsteik II to get tarted with their royal duties.

Atter en Kongle 1
Dennis presents opens his position at the kings troops with his well known random backflips.

Atter en Kongle 6
Espen marks the spot where the Kings men shall make royal turns in years to come.

Atter en Kongle 8
Espen catches the backfire as the Dennisplosion goes off in another unexpected spot...

Atter en Kongle 9
coming in for landing.

All shots by Torjus Løvsteik II who, besides skiing as smooth as ever and always, is seeking the kings power to overthrow Endre Storsteik I from his position Jarl of photography in the land of Trøndersatanland.

BIGTRIX FIRST TIME IN ØTZTAL, legendary holidays:

Øtztal is also an interresting place in Bigtrix history in theese holy times for it is where the first official bigtrix christmas was celebrated, with Azzmaster, Porky, Bjørn the Rookie and Ola Herje Hovdenak aka Ola O2 Joggeplank back in the kings year of two thousand and blomkål.

The holy riders wo first did Øtztal in the name of the King

Bjørn the 16 year old rookie ripps in Øtztal. Christmas 2001.

Ola Traske Randoplank takin Øtzi air.

Snekring up some julestæmning with a stolen tree, the Azz' stinkin boots, an ice axe for stability and some duck for luck.

Julestæmning in the local lokkalsjappa.

The traditional King Winters christmas routine

Permission to go to the bar only when secured with good old Tormod Argbrattjulegranheim-tacktics, with ropes and shit.

Safely secured on top of the bar, Fenet can be ordered, but only in the termos and as always, the kings men appreciate gratis.

Time to go to bed and ski pow the next morning.

Merry Christmas and Happy Pow Year from the the King's riders, old and new.

Die Dänen macht ikschel im austria

The danes are back with another hygge and powder snow story from Austria. This time with even better language skills, it proves they have gotten to spend valuable time in Schnitzerlands best pre-season conditions since nitten pil og bue. Here goes, switch to your danish-german-bigtrixenglish language ears:

deppflip JP himself.

Die Dänen hat noch ein mal ein hygge bis max mit max powder und vollgas gemacht. Diese mal nach austria, schnitzelland, aka wunderbare schneeland. Diese mal war es schnitzl Ischl. Die selbe destination wie die bigtrix männern war für den optagelse af den neue bigtrix film! Diese spot ist for vildt. Op im den ass mit baguettes, croissants avec chocolat, et 4 euro pour une petit biere! Vi giver den op für ein grosse rigtiche dyne, fruhstück mit bacon und eier, ein hyggelig krofatter und nur grosse bier im ein echte bierglas. ICH BIN EIN IKSCHELTASCHELER!

Diese video ist eine must sehen video wenn du in dem helt rigtige hygge austria mode gehen will. Give it up for Ischl!

Hier goes 2 mehr guteschnee fotos mit jp. Shaky fotografies von der snubbi dubby aka tobias direkt tilbage von sommer in helvete!

Jeppe getting some turns in between his classes at Der Ikscheltalisher Kunglicher Sprachundpulwerschneehyggeschule.

Im austria wiess die barejern das skiing und afterskiing ist meisten für mannern. Keine gute damen kommt zum afterski mit die Dänen. ABER das hat die afterski baren gennemskuet. Keine problem, es geht under den devise: IF THE CHICKS DOES NOT SHOW UP WE JUST PAY THEM TO COME (and then they might as well tabledance and dress slotty)

JP's language teacher barely has time to rip off her ski gear before her next class.

Das war alles für diese zeit. Love von austria. Die Dänen.

"Hygge", the hottest word in marketing.

Just in time for Christmas, the word "Hygge" and even the home grown bigtrix-english has been adapted into international multi millionaire marketing languare as more and more big companies are beginning to understand the concept of hygge and the potencial for selling their mainnshit.

give your woman, or a colection of them, the hygge treatment for Christmas is what we reccomend.

Get with the Hygge program!

Kong Vinter DVD out now!

KV_4_sleeve Kong Vinter IV - two x hygge in one

The King is now bringing the powder and hygge to the people; big mountain and cirkus. Our latest DVD is now beeing distributed to every little corner of the kingdom, through the lastest issue of FriFlyt mag and in all of Intersport's 120 sport stores in Norway. Exclusive editions, with full on luxury cover are even available in selected secret places.

FF FF - bigtrix the magazine

On the latest and fattest FriFlyt issue, bigtrix rider Kjøttulf is on the cover, from our Powder Cruise stop at Stranda. The whole story from the Powder Cruise trip is also presented in the "winter special" FF magazine. Together with the mag is the lates DVD from bigtrix productions, containing both our Kong Vinter IV and III movie.


That's not all, drop by your local planks dealer and grab a hold of the intersport mag where the assmaster is ripping. And get an extra copy so you have the cristmas gift fo yo grandma nailed.

Can they really ride?

Our danish friends from have started the winter for real, with a very early pow trip to Austria in stead of cruising the groomers at the local ski hill like most of us probably are at best:



like most danes, Tommy B doesn't listen to the wise words of the old mountainguides: never follows tracks


Jeppe Hansen sendt us thees words: "While all you Norwegians where enjoying Fernet in Oslo the Danes where enjoying 150 cm lecher, supergeile und eiskalt leicht pulverschnee in Sölden, schnitzelland. Enjoy these shots and recover from your fernet ondt i skalle. Winter is on. Avec hygge. The Danes.




We didn't even know danes could do that. Frederik Lundby proves us wrong.... if he stuck it.




And definitely not that... Jeppe Has already proven to the us that he is probably adobted from some other country. Or is it the mere results of growing up under the shadow of Himmelbjerget?


Again we bring you the danish contribution to the bigtrix and fotovideo web film comp this year, to really make the point:



the realease party in Oslo, hold on to your brillan

Over seven hundred people showed up to the havrenakkeparty of the year, starting out with hygge, Fernet Branca and Mikals Laks, continuing with the NFC prize seremoni / documentary, peaking with Kong Vinter IV on 3 big screens and keepin it going strong with DJs Løvsteika, Goretex and Skivebrems.

Foto by LK:

Results for FotoVideo and Kong Vinter's hyggefilmcomp as well as Slakkline's video and photo competitions were also annonced, The dudes behind the "Fint å stå på ski på Stranda" music video went home with this brand new HD camera:

Here is the winner of the hyggemoviecomp again for those who want to enjoy the nice tunes:

Some more photos from the comp, stolen from where there are even more to be seen:



image452 havreÅLinOne

Next up are theese Kong Vinter IV big screen sessions:

23. Nov: Lillehammer, Bingo'n, 21:00 50 18år
23. Nov: Morgedal, Norsk Skieventyr, 19:00 20/50 alle
23. Nov: Bergen, Mood, 21:00 50 20år

24. Nov: Voss, Bavallstunet, 20:00 50 18år
24. Nov: Sogndal, Meieriet, 20:30 50 18år
24. Nov: Tromsø, Flyt, 17:00/21:00 50 alle/ 20år

29. Nov: Bø, Kroa. 21:00 50/0 18?
1. Des : Stavanger, Checkpoint Charlie, 20:00 50 18
8. Des: Rjukan, Rallarhuset, 20:00 50 18

Kong Vinter IV - the real teaser

Mr Clovenberg has finally released something that looks more like a traditional teaser for "the lost hygge":

We are now ON. The King will travel land og strand and has already begun to spread his hyggepowder in front of him, so that people are getting into the right move. Starting with Figazi in Oslo tomorrow, Friday the 16th and then theese places will follow. And of course, some day Kong Vinter is coming to a big screen near you too:

Trondheim       Ricks Cafe    17. Nov    20:00
Lillehammer    Bingo'n    23. Nov    21:00
Morgedal         Norsk Skieventyr    23. Nov    19:00
Bergen ?          Mood-burn ?    23. Nov ?    20:00 ?
Voss                 Bavallstunet    24. Nov    20:00
Sogndal           Meieriet    24. Nov    20:30
Tromsø             Flyt    24. Nov    17 + 21
Bø                     Kroa    29. Nov    21:00
Stavanger       Chkpoint Charlie    1. Des    20:00
Rjukan             Rallarhuset    8. Des    20:00

and more to come

Kong Vinter IV and his new favorite music

CC is one of the King's new favorite musicians. We swear it was because of the sound, not the looks.... ? I mean, it sounds really good, as good as it looks. Really, just wait to you hear the movie. it's true.

The music is half the experince when you turn on a Kong Vinter DVD. We are prowd of presenting another film with exclusively Norwegian music, a lot of it smokin fresh and unknown but ridiculously good! Through earlier movies the King and lots of his people have gotten new names on their favorite music lists, for example Shaun Bartlett (KVII) and Kimwell (KVIII). This time the list will get even longer, Howl and CC are two candidates.

Howl rocks. Click here to go to nrk/urørt and listen to some music, for example the title track, intro song for Kong Vinter IV -the lost hygge.

This is the complete list, with myspace urls to the artists:

Einar Stray -
Howl -
Leslie -
Little hands of asphalt -
Trenchtown -
Simen Loe -
CC -
Rebolt -
Wolfgang Pop -
Kimwell -
Baunen -
Intrigue -
The Fernets -

Get ready for Kong Vinter IV and its music, first showing at Fugazi, Oslo, the 16th of November. In this shot is P2 skiing in Argentina.

Get ready, the new king is right around the corner.

Editing and DVD mastering for the Kong Vinter IV movie, the lost hygge, is complete. Right now some big machine is making thousands of copies of the DVD and around Norway parties are beeing planned, for showing the movie on big screens in its right environment, a place where there is hygge that is, and maybe some Fernet Branca.

Lars Klevberg, our own superdirectoreditordude has been stuck in front of his 9 inch monstermacorama BTO machine for about a month straight now, living only off of kaffe and dobbel attåt. Get ready to see some of that lost hygge very soon! Movie will be coming out with FriFlyt mag, distributed in Intersport stores and in other strategic places.

The release party will be at Fugazi, Oslo, Friday the 16th of November and then the king is heading out on tour, to Trondhaim the day after, to Lillehammer Bø, Morgedal and Bergen the friday after, to Tromsø and Sogndal Saturday the 24th and then to Stavanger the 1st of Desember, Rjukan the 8th, and many more places, complete and updated lists will be here, at and at kong vinters facebook page.

In the mean time, check out theese screenshots:

Assman goin steep in Obertauern, Austria

David just snowboarded over a powder landmine in Gulmarg, Kashmir, India.

Exclusive scene from the special snowmonkey extended version of the movie, to be shown in Animal Planet TV station in January 2008.

Togrim Vole does some of the hardest riding in Kong Vinter IV.

Bigtrix Airlines landing in the warzone.

Porky chased by militant pakistani gerilja group between the trees in Himalaya.


Kong Vinter IV and Fotovideo film comp: 5th and last round

We continued to receive videos for our competition until - and even after - the last minute. Four more videos have qualified and so here they are, the very last contestants in this years comp.


Kong Vinter and his royal servants will now have a close look at all the videos and make the difficult choice of one video whos makers will win a brand new HD video recorder from FotoVideo.

First out is Läskikymppi Freeride Team from Finland with their "Teaser 2007", we don´t understand finnish so we haven´t managed to figure out what we are being teased for but we are fluent in powder so we get the point:

Next is an all girls contribution called "Jenter" (Norwegian for we ski the shit out of you) that comes from Ingvild Hovden and features her crew ripping in France and Norway:

Anders and Gudmund, not so well known by the gangster name "Heliskii" are in the game with a clip from the movie "Heimlengsel" shot steep and deep inside Surndal, Nor-mofokkin-way:

Last one out is Johannes Brye representing the cold and hard world north of the moral circle with this pure free heel movie:


Video: Unique Kong Vinter IV shot revealed

For the first time ever we show a unique shot from the recording of Kong Vinter IV, the fourth big mountain pow and hyggemovie from Bigtrix Productions. Never released to the public before this is a highly secret behind the scenes shot featuring photographer HP Hval dancing the hyggedance in a moment of extreme joy from being out in the mountains. HP may not know Espen was filming him at this time, nor that director Lars Klevberg decided to blow him up after Hp served some music joke that his highness the director havrelars did not like too much:

Also, here is the previously seen David Lynch teaser version by Jokke, enjoy while we wait for the results of the Kong Vinter and FotoVideo video contest to be announced 1st of November. TURN UP THE SOUND.

Bigtrix Man of The Year Awards

Theese are the results of the annual bigtrix man of the year awards 2007:

3! Third place:


2! Seccond place:



1! And the winner is:


FotoVideo film comp: round IV

We're still rollin with the king and FotoVideo's world famous pow and hygge competiton.In this round the level is high, with the coolest music videos we have ever seen, a contribution from our danish brohers at freericecreme and finally an ugly affair from the schnabelkase-dudes.

The video comp and the chance to win a brand new camera is coming to an end and very last chance is 1st of November. So any slowmovers out there get your azz in gear, flækk your stuff on to youtube and send the link to kongvinter(at)bigtrix dot mofokin com. To read more about the HD cam Canon HV10e: click here.


First: We prowdly present the coolest music video we have seen this year, and the song that is now set as standard ringtone for the entire havrenakkecommunity of the bigtrix pyramide organizzation:

Then we introduce the cheeselovin dudes that has entered with a movie that we really don´t like very much at all but have not found in any official way unfit for the comp so here goes, but we warn you before watching this stuff; most of the powder is probably fake and pretty much all is film trix done in the studio by theese sleezy dudes:

Last is some minutes from our brothers of hygge, the danish siblings born under the shadow of the great himmelbjerget in Denmark, the Hanson bros:

FotoVideo film comp: round IIII

The contributions to the FotoVideo & Bigtrix movie competition are beeing poured in almost as fast as the average beer will be poured at the bigtrix party in Oslo November 16th.

In this round we present powder and hygge from all over the world; Tromsdalen, Northern Norway, Las Lenas, Argentina, The Rockies, Canada and Davos, Switzercheeseland. Also we have a couple of bonus movies, Gaper Day in Whistler that has been censured due to some ugly scenes and the legendary movie about Wilhelm Tyskeberget, one considered by us on of the coolest dudes that has ever walked the earth and honorable member of the bigtrix crew.

Who will win the brand new camera from FotoVideo, a free supeshot of Fernet Branca, VIP tickets ti the party in Oslo, some new boxers from Bula and maybe something more? That will not be decided before the competition has ended, on November 1st. So there is still time to send in your movie and more videos to be shown here until then.

Sondre Beck Sletten is representing Tromsdalen with "Visons" a movie from the good old cold north with some good old Northnorwegian småbjørkriding, lots of snow coming in from the arctic ocean and some nice scenery. This is what representing your home mountain is all about:

Øyvind Helgesen presents a trip to Davos in the beginning of January where there was not too much snow but sun and hygge. The brødskives are representing the hygge and as long as they were not out of Fernet in the bar we suspect this was a good trip to the alps 4 sure:

Joe Willis represents the corbet crew in Las Lenas 2007 and this movie shows exactly how a season down there looks like. Some big turns in big terrain, some jibbin around, some waiting andsome meat:

Martin Nerhus Øen presents "Daylodges around the rockies", also filmed in January. A lot of it in Fernie we can see:

As bonus in this round we have two movies. First is this movie from some very very sick people on the wrong side of the atlantic. They have been doing some very very bad things i Whistler, see it for yourselves:

Seccond is the trailer for the new movie coming out from Bigtrix Media in March: Wilhelm Tyskeberge - the one and only dudes of all the mofokkin dudes ever in the whole world for sure you better believe it yeah the tribute to the honorable bigtrix member 1:

Way out west navarabiking and tailgate sessions

It was lunch on a sunny tuesday when HP the sykkelbud said he was heading out west with Hippo the Hippo aka Mat aka Kranulf, to hook up with Skævvern in the wild wild west. Skævvern had found a long road into the mountain and with his expertice in the field of two wheels and pedals concluded that it was the perfect mountain bike run.


I got into the game, hooked us up with a fat Nissan Navara to do the uphill job and also Lars Christian aka senseless also joined the party. We drove to Turtagrø, made camp one and woke up to perfect sunny weather with a little white dusting on the peaks.


After a couple of hours coffedrinkin at lokalsjappa in Fortun we headed for the deep valley and the way up, just as soon as we had visited the bank, since it is not everyday you can find one in Fortun...




We're talkin over 1000 vertical meters of mountain road, with some nice slick rock on the side up top and awesome double singletrack winding old traktorvei in the trees further down.



Made camp II with a well deserved øl og pølsefest until Hippo had eaten everything and skævvern was dead tired og getting shit from all us others because he forgot the Fernet branca.



God Damn det var gøtt to be out on the sigøynerliv again.

FotoVideo film comp: round II

Kong Vinter presents the next four qualified contributions to the videocomp where you can win a brand new digital video recorder from FotoVideo. Links to more movies keep coming in and we will be posting until the 1st of november, when the winner is to be announced.

Headcam film by Marius Headcam-Larsen. Get a helmets-eye look at how a good day on the mountain with Norways most invisible skilift looks like:

Fiddlefiddling, powder and nice views sendt with greetings from Ørsta in Sunnmørsalpane Pål-Are Vadstein:

Familiar terrain from Engelberg and some well used cliffs in Røldal, what looks like some very nice riding conditions and a shitload of backflips:

Espen Borgersen replaces his film Foramen from round one, after massive critique on the friflyt forum, for using the same song as on one of Fillas teasers:

You got some more pow and hygge on film? Youtube it and send the link to kongvinter(at) to bi in the game for a new video camera from:


Pimp my carrying style, The Danish ski carrying test.

Our Danish buddies at, with Depp and Snoobilubi in the front line, have finally released the results from their many years of reaserch in the field of ski carrying. We all know it can be hard to carry our skis and poles together with all our other stuff and a beer or two at the same time, especially when you need one hand free to hold brillan.

Here is some samples from the lineup. Check it out, look for your personal favorit and observe the number of hamburguesas it is rated with:


The prisoner, also called Jesus or the cross:

"The Scissor"? I believe this is the one we call "the Danish" in the rest of the world...

"The Suitcase": Legendary. #1 year after year.

"The Baby", hm, I think this one also goes by the name of "Danish" actually.

Of course by no surprise the Suitcase came out as a winner. To see all tested methods, go to, where we stole the story from. A big up for the Danish commanders of Hygge for the tremendous effort put into this project in a field never before probed so thoroughly by scientists.

Foto&Video film comp, round one

Theese four videos are the first ones quilified for Kong Vinter and FotoVideo's pow and hygge filmcontest 2007. We prowdly present the shots from theese dudes and dudettes that have been getting down to snorting his majestys magic white powder this winter and put it on tape.

- Christian Eek writes: "Kort men godt..En liten dags hygge i Sogndal."
- Kong Vinter could not agree more. It does not have to be longer, we see hygge, we like the natural kickerspot and we can feel the pow. Could have been more of that fluffy stuff and 2005 is a while back but its niiice.

OPERATION BRATWURST, bratwurst productions:
- Kenneth Cornelius sendt this one. "Friends having fun in the swiss snow."
- His Holy Deepness Kong Vinter would first of all say that this is, if so possible, an even more bigtrix-stylish title than the one above, thankyou and congratulations. Thereafter he likes that there is snowboards in there, all the tracks on the other hand should have been avoided but the snow looks nice. PS the cameramans comments in the background are really pro.

-"film from last seaon" sendt to the king by Eirik Borgersen
-His Majesty is a bit confused by the anatomic title but happy about this round's biggest cliff jump in the start there, some fancy editing and smooth terrain (is that some Røldal we see there)? Maybe some hygge on the side?

- February 2007 from Morten Grude
-Nice pow, some nice off the hill hygge and smooth with norwagian music, though maybe the tunes are a little harder than the skiing, Kong Vinter insinuates. Looks like a goot trip 2 the alps.

Theese are not the results, merely the first four clips that have qualified to the contest. Youtube your own hygge from this winter, focus on the powder, the big mountain, not so much on the park, and send his majesty a link at kongvinter(at) Then you are in the fight for a brand new videocam from FotoVideo so you can do even more and better filming thie coming winter.

we'll be releasing more videos here as more qualified stuff comes in. Keep it comin and stay tuned.

Kong Vinter hyggemovie comp


Kong Vinter The Fourth is inviting everybody thats also been out filming a little pow this winter but haven't got any plans on going big on DVD with it yet, to join the royal freeride hygge movie competition and win a videocamera from FotoVideo.

So find your tapes, sort out the pow, make it about 5 minutes long, put some hygge music into there, youtube your shit and send the link to kongvinter(at) and maybe you´ll have a brand new cam for the winter.

Also, here is the latest from our editor, Lars Klevberg, another teaser for the Kong Vinter IV movie coming to a pub near you, starting at Fugazi in Oslo the 16th of November:

See you at the fiesta for some Fernet Branca and maxx hygge.

GRINGO NEWS: The Last Bunad Story

How did the Kong Vinter 3-premiere turn out? Did Yaya get his skins back? What happened to the Bunad and will Espen manage to get home i tide for the premiere in Oslo 16th of november?

P2 and Yaya running the hyggeshow

Like a fairytale, the Las Lenas-trip ended well. We got all the footage we needed, Marius won the head-cam competition, the Scandalicious party with Kong Vinter 3 premiere was a blast and Yaya finally got his skins back from PeTo.

Marius Headcam-Larsen

nunca viste tanta carne en Noruega

Shocking news: The Bunad is sold! The Espen f.k.a The Bunad sold his Trysilbunad to a hotelgringo for slick and nothing!

Since Espen the Bunad-seller lost his passport when arriving Las Lenas, he had to throw in his håndkle and go to BA a couple of days before the others. In BA the embassy manage to havre things and Espen ended up with a nødpass. Since we are travelling through the US of A, Espen have to order new tickets to Europe. When, where and if he ever will get out of BA is a question still to be answered.

Kong Vinter III premiere at the Kings Hall

Last night was a blast. A bunch of Gringos and Gringoettes showed up at our exclusive Kong Vinter 3- premiere at the Domo ? The Kings Hall. We also managed to get our fingers out off our asses and made a edit with footage from this years trip too. Mange thanks to the 70`s, Carolo, Mariano and of course The Yaya. They all represent the TV-channel that kicks balls ? namely the Winter Channel. Good times hanging out with you guys!

`till next time


Kong Vinter the 4th ? A first descent diary

Kong Vinter the 4th ? A first descent diary

The story you?re about to read is true. The names are not changed. The pictures are not manipulated and yes ? Espen is actually using a Nordtryne dress. What happened to the Trysilbunad? Like an X-file episode, they entered the chopper an early morning. But ulikt to a crime-episode, they didn`t need to protect any innocents. This is the Bigtrix Productions, and Kong Vinter the Fourths helli story - The four horsemen in Argentina.

UF mofokkin O kinda bigtrix style goin on with his kings riders gettin down with some Xfiles stuff in LL.

The resorts pow had blown all the way to Chile, and the hiking spots were tracked down. We figured; Yo, lets do what we have do to do to get to the pow! And besides, our cameraman was kind of sick of Steika braging about his Helli-belly. Sorry Steikulf, you are no longer alone with a helli-belly! El Gordo Espen the Bunad Kristiansen is running right behind you. With or without his bunad.

The Austrian longhaired guide was awesome. He took us to a couple of unskied faces. The main one was 1200 vertical meters, and KV4-crew of Las Lenas had first decent! Pretty stoked, and pretty tired at the bottom. Lars had given all his forskalingsmuskler a hard time down the face, so he tried to hide behind some rocks in the middle of the run. Unfortunately he didn?t manage to hide that good, so in the footage you can see a real snekker taking a powernap.

dropin into the deep unknown

Moulder, Skully, agent Skinner and the Cancerman discussing the case.

Espen gettin belly with it.

The four lucky bastards that entered the heli that day were Bunaden, Fidje, Oddny and PeTo. But what happened to Heli-Hans a.k.a the Rookie and Marius ?the helmetcam? Hagen Larsen a.k.a the Freeloader Gringo? You see, Heli-Hans still got fylleangst after his last heliride in Austria this summer, so he and Marius-the-Cam went out to piss someone really off. They decided to spray down people that were standing in their way.

Marius and his two new freeskiing friends rippin.

That?s about it. You should get jealous. Go see the movie.

Other than that we?ve had some nice skiing the last days. It?s getting warm down here, so we?ve been skiing nice corn. Hooked up with the few Americans that haven?t been thrown out of Las Lenas (The Utah-guys been representin?!!), and it turns out that they ski almost as good as they party?Rob the Greener ride his skis like a real American and are not flau to puke the Fernet, and Nico-the-baguett from France rejects a threesome on Lazzo.


Next big event in Las Lenas is Yaya?s bursday and the Scandalicious party at Domo. Celebrate Kong Vinter and her royal majesty the Fernet the Last.
So, like Debbie did Dallas, the Bigtrix-crew will do Las Lenas the next couple of days.

How to get laid in Argentina: Shout ?Buuuu? at her.


Reporting from Heli-and Ironicstan
- Heli-Hans and Oddny

The rookie reporting from gringosistan

While our big stabbel of fulle DV-kassetter is increasing day by day, my memorycard is getting hotter than Loo in the Aries reception, we can`t forget the hygge. Thats why the Rookie, a.k.a HP Hval / Heli-Hans, is writing some words of honour to our Royal Majesty, Kong Vinter of BigTrixistan.


The last week has been max hygge. Both skiing in the steep and dangerous argentinian powdermountains and hooking up with local gringos are very fun. I have learned some spanish too ? ?El gordo Espen esta infermo ala casa?. Or ?Manjana fiesta de personal?.

Last Friday Yaya took us to a Throut farm. Since Lars is married he is not allowed to get fish in the night, so it was a big lettelse for all of us that he managed to hunt down the crazy throut. Afterwards we ate the monster. But Yaya was`nt satisfied, so he dropped by a slakterbutikk and bought another 9 kilos of meat. When we returned to our base, the Casa de Gringo, we had a asado with two local fish. Please check out the Fri Flyt story for video.

Fidje working as a fisherman in the day and a fisherman in the nig.... no, sleeping in the night.

The same day as we moved into our house a.k.a Casa the Gringo (CtG), we got Norwegian company. Marius ?The Headcam? Hagen Larsen, travelled fair from Rjukan and Gaustadtoppen cabel-lift, to Las Lenas of Argentina. His only goal for his stay in LL is to be filmed doing a alpineski turn. In the last KV-movie, as everyone remember, he did not turn his planks once. So, we had to bring him along into the deep, white argentinian tango-dancefloor, and let him have a try. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, he actually managed to turn his skiis while riding down a hissig colo-uar.

Marius(left), Yaya and Espen trying to get their fair share of carne.


Fidjulf putting some snekkerweight into it.

Pedro is still our stoked travel agent, and now he has also started skiing like a real portugiser/degos. You should all look forward to his part.

Oddny is still the first up in the morning, but also the first home at night.

Espen has recovered from his forkjølelse and is back on track

Lars is still our coach

Marius is wearing his helmet camera

A list of things that are GRATIS in Las Lenas:
1. ........

click to see P2 gettin some hygge.

Thats all for now, maybe some other havrenakke will write a text later. Or will the havrenakke be me? Will Marius` headcam stay on his helmet for the rest of his trip? Will Yaya get his skins back from Pedro? Will the new Raggae-line from rive the skin of the sausauge? Will the Kong Vinter 3-premiere in Domo at the 4th of september be a catastrofical and scandalisious evening? Hang on, more stories to come on!

From Las Lenas, Argentina



As usual, when the season in Stryn comes to an end (as every good tings do), a bigtrix? crew are on a mission in His Majesty?s service. Again Las Lenas, Argentina is the target. But this year the crew is new. Pedro Matos is Reiseleder and stoka storfjellskjører. Fidje is back to rock the Southern Hemisphere. Oddvar is gonna share some freeheel karma, Espen is in charge of the camera, and as an experienced bartender, and Viking, he?s already thought our new friends a little about Fernet? HP the Whale is still photographer, partyboy and stand-up comedian.



The travel took us from Oslo through New York, with a short stop in the Bush-land called Houston, Texas. And finally from US of Texas, to Buenos Aires. In BA we spent a day slacklining and touristing, before taking the most comfy bus ever, to San Rafael, and Las Lenas.

Oddis Slacklinin in Buenos Aires.

Arriving in Las Lenas we were met by the legendary Yaya. And while he and Reiselederen sorted out the flat and everything, the rest of the crew found a sunny place for cerveca?Por favour!
The next day was super-sunny too, so the first day of skiing was pretty nice. Checked out most of the resort, had some good turns, and spotted lots of nice lines that hopefully got our names on them. The next days have been snowy, and we?re been playing some waiting game. But we?ve used the days pretty good, with late night rail sessions, and barrel rides. And of course we?ve had our share of coffee and hygge.
And last, but perhaps not least, we?re been on cabel-tv, covering the whole fu**ing Southern America, promoting both Kongen the third, and the fourth!! We?re also appering in LaNacion next Friday. The second largest newspaper in Argentina by And of course, check out, where our own HP got hosts in his own special TV-studio!

P2 is TV star in Argentina.

Man ska sku ik glemme hyggen.

Oddny scamming crust for powder on day 1.

And for the last couple of days we?re finally experienced what we?re here for: Sun and powder. Or as the local Manu at the touristoffice like to say; ?Pudder til puppa!?
We got both long lines and shorter stuff on tape, so it?s looking good for the upcoming KongVinter the fourth!!

On behalf of His Majesty KongVinter the fourth;
The bigtrix? Las Lenas-crew 2007: Hoi!

Aloha Open: See U in Stryn

We're glad that winter is over now and in May we've enjoyed a vacation from the endless riding of bottomless winter snow. Drinking take away coffee and walkin the park with high skulderveske and skinnjakkefaktor is something we've been missing. BUT, the city is not a place to be for long so now we are ready to get back into the game. Stryn is opening this weekend, the hygge part of the ski season is jut about to start.

Freshies at the start of every Stryn season.

Opening is set to be on friday the 25th of May, if they can get the road cleared of snow..., Freeline Jam is 1-3. of June, St Hans is nothing that looks good in print and the most relaxed camp of hygge ever, Aloha Open, is 5th. to 8th of July.

Aloha open is palms in the parks, hygge off the mountain, longboarding, nice package price on lift tickets and camping, BBQ-ing, slackline, fishing contest. Check out

P2 on the wall at the Aloha Open slopestyle hygge contest in 2005.

Good shape and pricks in the park  during the first ever Aloha Open.

Surf Cruise part VI: wave hunting up north

The powder cruise has turned into the surf cruise and we are getting off the boat at all stops, to look for new spots. Here above the well known Tromsø spot, Grøtfjorden.

The perfect coastal combo is to ski when the weather is good and surf when it is bad and there are waves coming in. After the good times in both Øksfjord and Tromsø we've begun the trip south again stopping to check every spot where there from the map looks like there can be some surf. We started off with a couple of training days, specializing in catching the smallest waves possible, with Ronny, Tor, Interior-T and the rest of the hard core Grøtfjorden locals.

Ronny Olsen comes out of the tube, does noe final bottom turn and airs off the lip just before the massive righthander in Grøtfjorden closes for the day,

After drilling our takeoff skills in havregrøtfjordenwe drove the Nissan into the belly of the ship again, had another cruise dinner and woke up a bit further south where we drove out to scan the shoreline for nice looking stuff. And we did not have to drive far, 20 minutes from the port we spotted the first one, had a look around at different potential stuff and then went for a clean left point that was just as good as it looked but unfortunately droppet during our session.

Is there any surf here? lets get off the boat and have a little drive araound....

The left, somewhere along the Norwegian west coast...

The search: wherever the ocean meets the land, there could allways be some rideable bumps in the ocean.

And the cofee på lokalsjappa tastes GRATIS!

Putting in some secret old school North Norwegian turbo diesel mix to get some extra speed.

Then we went to Lofoten and hooked up with the swede Mattias Hornquist who is trying to make a local out of him, working as a fisherman in lofoten, so he can be at Unstad on the good, big and glossy days. We surfed a couple of days, including a small but clean morning at Unstad. There was not much snow left, nor weather to go skiing so when the short windswell dropped after some days we got into some skateboarding, slacklining, bouldering, beer drinking and whale meat eating before getting onto the Hurtigruten again to head further south.

Tor Fænrix makes use of his small wave training from Grøtfjorden.

Me, ready to hit the water in my nice and warm O'neill psycho II 6/4 that turns Norwegian winter into Summer.

Mattias enjoying a little bit of the old green water, blue skies and sun -combo.

Red neck style tailgate picknic after some hours in the water is never a bad thing...

A little slakkline, skate and bouldering session is very niiiiiiiiiice when the swell is dropping towards zero.

The skuta must go on, what swell goes up must go down and all good cruises must contiunue. Time to get on the boat again, and chill in the jacuzzi while we continue south. Benjamin reports of nice spring touring conditions in the epic sunnmore alps. Back to the mountains, here we come!

-Torkel, enjoying the last of the Powder Cruise 2007.

Powdercruise part V: Tromsø

Since did more drinking than skiing on our stop in Tromsø heading North with our powdercruise ship, we had to stop again on the way south to take back what we rightfully deserved: POWDER AND SUNSHINE! We've now had some excellent days, both touring and ripping under the city's gondola Fjellheisen and the world famous legendary ski area called Kroken, home to the annual Krokjæveln contest.

Mespotting some nice powlines in the sunshine over Tromsø!

Kvaløya is nicely filled in with snow and we've had some nice touring out there.  Skævvern, Benny, me and Fænrix got to ski a nice chute there in perfect conditions before Benny the kid had to go to eksamenshelvete, Skævvern had to keep his gipsy slakkline business together and fænrix had to do his duty for the coutry, the army and those in need to be rescued.

Skævvern, porky, fænrix and a silent local dude we met sitting on the top of the mountain, in Bænny's goggles, waiting for some clouds to drift away so we could ski the culo-aaar!

Tor Fænrix heading down the chute in smooth conditions but a bit flat light.

Bænny the kid and Fænrix the guardian heading to fjellheisen after some nice rennekjøring.

The days are getting long in Tromsø now so there is a lot of time to get things done. Surfing and skiing in the same day, both touring and skiing off the lift and then going out for some beers before the hurtigruten leaves again is no problem. The surf has been ok, the snow in the big mountains is great and some of the powderdays in Kroken has actually been top 20 this year.

Fænrix heading down towards the Hurtigruten and a good dinner.

Me, cruising Kroken.

Skævvern and Bænny enjoying some hot tub afterskiing on the ship.

Still cruising powder!


Powder Cruise part IV: Øksfjord

We barely stopped in Tromsø after Lofoten on our cruise up the Norwegian coast. As we arrived Tromsø the weather and snow conditions were shitty so we went straight for the bars and had some nights enjoying life in Tromsø after dark. Then we got on the boat again and headed north to Øksfjord, our new name on our favorite spots -list

The powder ship, ready for departure.

New crew: Tomas Bergemalm, Gruv-per Gruvsson, Schou and porky

Smooth conditions, still powder up north

Gruvulf lays a nice line for Ola Skinnarmo on stils and Benny the kid on video

Tomas dropping down towards the boat in Øksfjord.

This is as far north as it goes. We've had some good days, but now it is getting nasty again. We will soon be heading south. Next stop Tromsø again, to see if we have better luck this time.

powder cruise out!

Powder Cruise part III: Max Hygge in Lofoten

We hung out in Lofoten after the competition to get into the real relaxed hygge mode. Theese islands is not somewhere you leave from when there is sun, snow on the mountains, hygge in the rorbu, waves on the beach and fish in the ocean.


Kjøttulf had to abandon the powder cruise to go home and work but now David has joined us for the trip to Tromsø so we are still a good crew. Ola Skinnarmo and the rest of the sweeds are still on the program and we've done a lot of good ski tours and also some nice BBQing, fishing and generally just enjoing Norways most beautiful place.


Also another Kiruna dude has joined the party, Bjørn Lindgren, getting up early in the morning, spreading chill vibes and inspireing us with his smooth snowboarding. Next up we're getting back on the Hurtigruten and heading north to Tromsø. Looks like there will be some weather days but the boys are ready for a city weekend...

David (left), Bjørn and Benjamin on a mountain near Raftsundet.

David on the way down from a nice coloir ride near Kalle.

Benji heading down to raftsundet, totally kayak stylee ass usual.

See u in Tromsø! Check for live updates in Norwegian.


Film from Lofoten Freeride

We cruised with Hurtigruten up to the freeride competition in Lofoten and joined the fun. As always there was action both on and off the mountain with the usual dirty crew of Norwegian freeriders. Check Benjamins film clip from the competition here.

Porky and tveitulf at the bottom after the qualifications.

keep following the boys on the boat at 

Straight up and down flipp fest

Stavanger - Lofoten cost's a shit load of money. Not having a shit load of money, Bård, Henning, Jonas and myself packed up the car and went to Røldal. In Røldal things have happend during the last couple of weeks. The sweet old carravan was burried in snow. Røldal got dumped as hell.

Bård knocking on the door checking if somebody is home

Digging sucks bigtime. Specialy at night with no light. So Bård and me made a hole just big enough for getting in and out. Sweet!

Bård getting his skinny body inside the fortelt

 After digging and setteling Bård and me went to visit Jonas and Henning in their carravan in Høkkergata 1. Jonas served us the best meal the carravan has ever seen. Meatballs, shrimps, chickenwings, slami, real dyrt and steike godt bread, olivs, pesto (red and green) +++. And everything was marinated and fixed up. Ad a couple of beers and you got a perfect eavning!

The guys having a fest of a middag

The next day we woke up to regn and shit. After a hour that all settled down and the sun came out shining. That ment sweet ass påske conditions and godstemning in Røldal. We found a perfect windlip and flipp fest was on.

Henning putting on a good old backflipp

Bård learning the flipp way of doing things.

Myself joining the flippfest 07. No kneebending here! Straight up and down flippfest!

Henning was flipping all weekend long. Super happy to stick lots of flipps. Not so happy on underrotating and breaking both of his gotamas.

We didn't just flipp the whole weekend through. We did some hicking and bigmountain skiing. The finale renne and flanke was sweet as a renne and flanke can be in påskeslush.

It was so warm that Bård had to show us all his muscles during the hike.

 The poor little casio camera didn't catch any of the bigmountain riding. We'll se what we can do about that in the påske, couse the spirit in the gang are on top!

- Dokka


After pow and surf down west we got on the boat again to cruise further north. A three course cruise dinner, cabins with with white sheets and fernet was waiting for us on the floating after ski.


First leg was the ride from Molde to the trønder capital where we had landleave with sightseeing to the Nidarosdomen cathedral and mustache spotting in the city streets. We were well prepared with a fernet hangover to take away the worst feeling of being in Trøndelag for almost a whole day.


At noon we left the port and had a cruise lunch going out the Trondeimsfjord. Then we hung out with the old folks on the boat watching the coast scenery float by and strolling around on deck with our arms folded behind our backs, taking cruise life as easy as it can be.


We then had another dinner and were rocked to sleep on the way into the Nordland waves. When we woke up we were on the way into Ørnes, the home of Jørg-1, bigger than Ibsen and Hamsun together. There, a little bit further in is Glomfjord, one of Norways hidden mountain jewels.


At the port we were met by National Television and headed straight to the mountain with our local guide Øyvind who had fired up the chairlift for us and even had a snowcat waiting on top to take us to the good stash. Powder Cruise part two is on!




check and the video clip that was on national televison.


Powder Cruise at Stranda

After getting smooth surf at Stadt the weather got colder and rain turned to snow so we headed straight for the mountains. We arrived at Strandafjellet when there was already 60 narvikcentimetres of fresh snow and more coming.

Kjetil isaksen surfs waves on Friday (top) and powder on Saturday (bottom)

We cruised between the trees all of the first day, eating all the pow our feet could handle then straightlined down to Stranda Hotel for a little afterski in the pool, gourmet dinner and nice clean and fresh white sheets for the night. The next day we woke up to the skies clearing and the day turning legendary with fresh powder all over the mountain and the sun staying out almost until closing time.


Once again Stranda proved itself to be a ski area that deserves to be on the ski map of Europe: Powder on both sides of the valley, good snow all over the place and potential for a big bag of vertical in one day.

Top: Me eating some skogspow. bottom: Kjøttulf launching one of Strandas many small cliffs in the trees.

B&W photos by Kiruna's own Markus Alatalo aka Ola Skinnarmo II

We had to get out of there anyway, to catch our Hurtigruten ship heading north to the next destination on the powder cruise so after getting a lot of good filming we fired up the Nissans and headed to sea. We are now cruising our way north. Next stop is Ørnes and Glomfjord, maybe Norway?s best kept powder ski area secret.



Surf Cruise: Hoddevik, Stadtlandet

After a cruisenight on Hurtigruten from Bergen to Måløy we pulled into Hoddevika in Stadlandet on the Norwegian west coast and got straight into the world of O'neill Psycho II where the water is never cold and the waves are rolling in. We got good surf from first session, catching waves  immediately arriveing.  The surf cruise is on!

Kjetil enjoying the surf cruise

The waves have been rolling in steady at Stadt lately and went huge on our last day, the biggest having 3 meter faces in the sets. There is a full on Storm going on though, so strong winds shifting around like crazy making the  surf conditions a bit unstable.

Jonas and Marc have been out there in the waves for their first time and have experienced the power of moving water while both me and Kjetil have destroyed our boards, he ripped out a fin and I tore the leash insert right out of the board, anybody know a good ding repair dude in Lofoten?

DSC00055.JPG DSC00055.JPG
up: two broken boards is the result....
down: Jonas and Marc hitting the waves for the first time ever.

DSC00055.JPG DSC00055.JPG
Hoddevika forever. Check

CHECK VIDEO: Benjamin put together a short clip from the first session in the water.

also: keep checking for updates from Benjamin`s cell phone.




check where Benjamin is mobile blogging from the cruise.

We have begun the Powder Cruise, loaded tons of toys onto the Nissan Navara and are headed for The North Cape with the hurtigruten fleet. For one month now we will be cruising all along the Norwegian Coast, getting off to stay on shore for some days where there is cool places to ski, surf or other hygge.

Left: picking up Kjutta in Voss. Right: driving the pickup into the mothership MS Finnmarken.

We drove to Bergen and boarded bigtrix the boat where we were welcomed with fresh white sheets and beer in the panorama lounge. With full storm going on at sea we were prepared for the worst, got sea sickness pills and pjuking bags from the reception but ended up beeing rocked to by the waves and sleeping tighter than a pair of jeans in grynerløkka theese days. Then we got a wake up call, went up to the restaurant, had dinner looking out behind the ship and ending up in Måløy where the sweeds were waiting.

That means we are now in the Stadt area and surf is on beacuse it is raining like hell all over the place but the waves are pouring in. It is not only Powder Cruise, it is also the Surf Cruise!

DSC00031.JPG DSC00033.JPG
Left: We were prepared for the worst thorugh the storm. Rigth: but we ended up meeting the sweeds on the kai in Måløy, after sleeping like drunk angels and eating breakfast like kings on cruise.

Stadt means surfing and we have more than skis on board the Navara so now we are heading straight into the water. We well come back to you soon with some fresh surf action!


Lumberskiing in Valdres

Oddvar has only slight problems showing me the legendary hogsfeltskiing in Valdres.

Went up to Oddny in Valdres to check out the treeskiing he's been talking about for ever. Or actually cut down tree skiing. His locel buddies up in the Fagerneshøgget arre down with the timberbusiness, are in full dontrol of where the trees are chopped down and have been lobbying in the industry for years, making them cut the trees in the steep spots.

With a little help og a sled we got to ski five good laps of 6 hundered vertical with minimal walking. Oddvar also devaluated his local valdresrespect a bit wth some special sled driving trix but at least he had some good runs in his back pocket.

follow the locals to the secret pow-stashes in Valdres.

And hope you can hang on when they go out to... "check on the.. øh... trees and stuff"

Oddvar finds the openings made by the lumberjacks in the summer.

-torky, down with the hard core Valdres crew not to mess with.

Pow even in Trysil: coming to a ski hill near you

Asbjørn drops into some huge mountain powripping in Trysil.... ? Trysil?

We've been on a tour of Norway for the last two weeks, enjoyng the good conditions here while the euro-hunters heve been frustrated with lack of snow, warm weather and cows under the cliffs. We just came from Trysil and even there the riding was uber smooth. With up to 40 centimetres of pow in the best spots, the trysling Erik "der furer" "obersten" Martinsen as guide to the best runs and brodern providing scooter transportation Trysil was way better than we had ever imagined.

Before that we were in Hafjell where it had also snowed but even with the most secret trix from Grandpa Truls we can't say we were too stoked on the freeride possibilities there.... I mean, the road goes further up the mountain than the lift.... that should say it all. But we had fat riding in the smooth park they've got going on, with the jump "Rogern" as the rosin in the pølsa, where Torjus entered the jib comp and got a third behind Linderud and PK, sticking a cork9 true tail switch on the new NTN telemark binding.

Torjus Løvdal celebrating some good park riding and his birthday with a little fernet.

Hyggedal has also been loads of hygge this year, with new snow every week. We got some good riding again when we were there last, doing Loony's secret treeruns, Åmli's coloir, and David&Camillas best trix. Many stinking dudes inkluding Kjøttulf, Rasseren, Dokka, Torjulf, Møkle, Oddny and Jallis were there so the hygge factor was hight.

David has his pockets full off prompeputer and trix, this steep foss of slush is one of them.

Camilla the freeride doctor has inside connections with the skipatrol mafia and always gets word of where the untracked stuff is hidden.

This is me on the way down to check for a hyttetomt oppi dalen, think they are on sale now...

Staying in Norway, keep the snow coming! See you on a mountain near you very soon!


Myrkdalen/Vikafjellet got it again! Photographer; Sverre Hjørnevik

Another dump is left in Myrkdalen. About 20-40 cm of fjonlight, super dry snow on top of 4-5 meter base makes excellent conditions. Sverre were eager again and came straight from Bergens bigcitylife to get some of the good stuff. We skied some short lines in the sun, before hiking up to the legendary Finnbunuten 30 minutes away from the new ski-lift. We’re counting days and hours till the new lift is opening! 

Forest skiing in Myrkdalen
To much good food for lunch on the top, made us loosing the sunshine. Kjetil-

More Stryn - The Vinsrygg Løe-jump

Tveito takes some air over Anita's skur.

We wanted to check out where else to ski around stryn besides the ski centre so we cruised up the road to the high life high altitude farm land Vinsrygg where the vin is flowing and Even Flo has his racetrack for his new motorised rattkjelke. At the end of the road we found an old rønne full of staur and gammel skit, perfect for some roofgapping.

Withouth knowing then that it was the big boss Anita's summer house we started looking through all the stuff to see if we could use anything to build the jump. After a lot of back and fourth and fighting how to do it we finally piled two big traktordekk on top of each other, threw on some snow and were good to go after just a bit of shaping.

Good to go. Jo Bergersen sets up for the real photos while Matine takes the ones you see here and tveito is trying to figure out how far it is possible to overcork a 360 and if it then will float directly over into a sideflip?

Dokkeren dokk muting to the max over the icy fjord.

Thanx to the Vinsrygg-slekta for the perfect spot and the traktordekk.

Stryn out! - Torkel

Stryn: now also with Kong Winter


Stryn is a good place for hygge also in winter. The new lift in strynskisenter reaches 1000 meters above sjark level and gives easy access to to the good stuff. We teamed up a crew of happy powhunters and drove to stryn just in time to meet Ove Lien and the rest of the locals at Johans for afterski Saturday.


The locals are hooking us completely up as usual, the big boss Anita providing a place to sleep, Furen teaching us some important trix, Holen and Briksdalen getting us up the mountain, Even Flo the hoggormguide showing us how to rip down Stryn style and Henriette making sure we are eating well.


There is a shaitload of snow in the mountains here so you can ski anywhere. We’ve been playing around on cliffs and stuff we’ve been able to access from the lift and skied the trees but we’ve found the real good stuff by flesking on the skins and touring some minutes from the top of the lift. Tvihold on to your brillan is all we have to say. We’ve seen them before but we are just as blown away this time: The Mountains Here Are UnBirdLievable!

Even Flo is used to taking air in Stryn, with or without his special backpack.

Dokka sætts on a feitflip!

The more you hike the better it gets! Viva la vestlandet!

The article writer hanging in the støvlan in the secret Stryneforrest.

We also got do do some jorde-riding on Even Flo's brand new sled before having the waffle party of the year, with nyrørt jordbærsyltetøy, rømme and vaniljesaus in the røra Åssie Åsmund style.

Even Flo again, taking air.

And everybody gets to take her for a spin.

Styn rules, also in winter. Thanx to Ove Lien for showing us the dark side, Anita for hooking us up with a place, Stryn Skisenter for getting us up the mountain, Henriette for the waffles and Even for the fun.

Out West - Torkel

Sunny powder days in Myrkdalen

Torjus in the cloud

So you think Voss is only good at summertime during the veko? Think again! Went up to bulaland with Martine and hooked up with Torjus and ouer guide and host Kjutta.

 Kjutta had some dirty trix in mind and brought us up to Myrkdalen. Myrkdalen has lots of potenial, and the manager is working hard putting up a new lift. The new lift is gonna give access to feite linjer and even more nice skog than before. The wind has been blowing on the top of the moutains, but the skog is sweet with fresh snow and powder sprays in every turn. Torjus is knipsing photos and keeping the visit in Myrkdalen well documented. Powdersprays in the face and treeclimbing is an everyday job for him.

Dokka, Torjus, Martine and local hero; Ole Kristian.


Best regards, Dokka

Ski against rocks, part three; a powder story!!


Powderhappy! Coming down to the parking lot, after the first real powder day of the season makes mr.O act like this. Of course we didn’t take time for pictures skiing this day. Pick by mr. Bottolf; see his report on


By winning the battle, you might end up winning the war. Here’s a story of a battle won. In ya face: A powder story from the Alps 2007. Some days ago the weather turned to the good side. We got the first real dump since the first week of January. Half a meter over night, is just the way we like it. We got some sweet as skiing in the woods while it was dumping and the bluebird showed up the next day. The wind was quite strong though. That meant level 4 on the scale you all ought to know. So we were extra careful, picking supersafe lines that sunny day. But, being on a small resort, that’s no worries, and the last days we’ve been skiing the lines that got postponed…



You might think that winning a battle like this is easy. It’s not. These three, soon to by medics and linked to 8-4 jobb (+ overtime) for the rest of their lives, are having a serious conversation regarding the snow conditions. And as you see; it helped!!



VillyValsen collecting powder payment for hangin’ in there in the war against rocks. Pic by Virrum.



Oddny skiing pow. I know your jealous… pic by Virrum.



Oddny skiing big-mountain lines after the snow’s settled. Pic by Eilertsen.



That’s right: The Assmaster’s back, and claimed to get a rematch against Bottleif. The contest grew bigger this time. Because the chef went home, we had to cancel the competition on a draw between Ass, Bottleif and Mr. Eilertsen, representin’ the crazy kayak association. Mr. Eilertsen had a good day since he grabbed Bottleif watertube record, in the warm up competition earlier in the afternoon. On the pic you’ll see that Nesehornet are getting a little grumpy, realizing that he’s getting destroyed by Andre. He’s a skinny, climbing same, not even close to the skiers and kayakers weight league, while Bottleif are ready for banana split for desert. Pic by a happy Eilertsen.



NTN: the new era of telemark begins now!

Rottefellas NTN binding is very soon out for the people to see and try. Me and the Assmaster will be present at the ISPO trade show in Munich, where the binding will officially be presented for Europe. The word has been out on the street for long and we allready know that the revolution has begun. Sonn everybody can forget about all other binding systems.

For technical tele nerds, check out this video about the new binding: click here

For anyone coming to the ISPO, see you at the Rottefella booth. -Torkel

Ski against Rocks, part two.

Hoi Gødtfølk!

Reading the last story, you might think that the crew only eat and drink schnaps. Well, we always eat a lot, and schnaps ist immer gut. But we’re her to ski, and no matter what they tell you back home, we’ve actually had quite a few good days. We’ve been out there ripping without off-days for about ten days in a row.


Det er forfattaren sjølv som kjørar.


The bigtrix’ crew against the “Rocky tour 2007” are diminishing though. The Ass went home for a few days. Back home he found time for one day of good skiing, one day kicking it with an Ockelbo-skuter, and two indoor football matches. And one injured knee. About a week later Dokkleif missed his mum, and took home to increase his cash inflow, and maybe also keep his wagon in Røldal company?



 Dokka heading home.

Still got lots of nice company down in Austria though. Bottleif and Bremmen are staying all season. Stakan from Norefjell came, ripped, recommended Norways best boat-based bading in Krøder’n, and Enfot-Rasle and Anna are also joining the party. And the last days Smågutta in Tromsø, Villivalsen and Stefan aka virrum aka svirre aka svirrum aka virre aka DesertBerta aka KurtKåre Rally aka The Womanizer aka Stefan the angel came down to show the Austrians that skis actually can be wider than 55 mm… We also got a crew of friends living a few km up the valley.


So here you go. A few picks from Austria coming your way:



Now that Stakan have become a published skier both on Bigtrix and in Frilyt within less than two months, his talking of quitting his day job.



Bottleif got a few good weeks. Besides owning The Belt of Food, he’s also the reigning water tube champion. Despite his victorious weeks he still misses Norefjell, and the huge open spaces the freeriding there has to offer. (In case you didn’t knew: Norefjell is the best liftbased freeriding area in Norway). Bottleif eases his homesickness by quoting some random article from a skimag, and whispers the off-piste lines in Norefjell to his girlfriend Jorunn before they go to sleep…



Asle has been skiing so hard some days, making the rest of us pretty stoked by the fact that he only got one leg…




Reporting from Hemsedal, where the elephants have landed

Hemsedal is maybe the only place in Europe with snow this winter and påfyll is coming regularely. Got tired of just being a kontorrotte, told my boss "no skjer det" and left work early friday, hooking up with HP Hval, while waiting for torky and his crew to land from their trip to krigen, and heading north. We didn't expect much, but we were peppad as hell!

Bluebird came on saturday morning, while hiking up Mortenskaret. Some wind blew up the light layer of snow, giving this nationalromantic soriamoria-lookaline pic.

At the top, it was important to bend and warm up the muscles.

The blown up snow lay itself on the skiers left of the Mortenskaret top. Here, Torky in a Torky-turn

David the svenske catching up

PeTo trying to camoflage himself a cloud of snow and behind the busk

After some hiking, an obligated rest is always on the bigtrix agenda. Specially when Skistua offers professional prompepute contest and girls who want to buy bodyparts:

God knows where this prompepute has been. Blow, blow, sit on it and look discusted at the person behind you.

100 NOK you say? I could get 1 million elephants for this in India...

Pumped on stroganoff, coffee and snus we got back up again. This time for some serious business...

This time PeTo couldn't hold it back and just let i go

There is never a bad excuse to celebrate the Mighty Kong Vinter. Unfortunately it isn't always easy to holl på brillan when doing so. So the next pic is actually after i found my brillan, put them back on, and were able to see what was going on at Davids garage in the early hours of sunday...

So called Nach-line?

The hangover in our heads were soon forgotten when we looked out the window. A bit cloudy, but it was snowing. And it kept snowing. Time for some more hiking! Got a text from Mr. Stig Pettersen: "har du kjørt Analen før?" Hmmm... What could i say?

HP describing the size of his multi million dollar camera lens.

Obviously, to my biggest surprise, Analen is a somewhat tight col-oir midway down Reidarskaret. The wind kept blowing, and we had to take all our precautions by digging a snowprofile before we went down:

Analen at its tightest

The anal exit

Further down just before we hit the woods we found some nice hucking clifs to drop. The snow was light, and the base was solid, so there was no worries

Stig with his fashionable double graaaaaab.


Almost at the bottom, the forrest opened, revealing some former disguised pillows coverd with soft snow. Super fun to just ride and pop. But some of us seemingy misunderstood the concept of pop...

What do you think, eh? 

In conclusion, Hemsedal has got it all. I actually do mind summing it up, so if you don't remember, read and see the story again. 

Peace, PeTo

Big Himalaya Trix II - the pictures

The crew looking up at the ridge served by the 1000 vert meter gondola.

We are back from the India Himalaya adventure in Kashmir and done with another loco big trix adventure trip. This is defenitely the most crazy place we've been to for skiing, no the craziest place we've been to over all I think. Guns and ruins and trash and war and soldiers and monkies and good food and bad food and beauty and AV and hold brillan and diare and handgranades and powder and big mountains and big trees and a lot more. It is good to be home, we won't go back right away but we never regret we made the trip.

We started out with a crazy landing in Helsinki (flying thorugh there because Finnair has a new super fast route to Delhi) and a taxiride for 100 euros to find some screws for Torky's bindings. The trip's dwarf photographer Jens-Morten Øvervoll and filmer Lars Klevberg enjoys the land of Santa Clauusoolainnen.

Welcome to Kashmir and hold on to your brillan, hit the mountains as soon as possible!

Lars Monsen the warrior is ready to fight for cashmir with his Cannon XM2.

And the people are watching.

Got a load of fresh stuff after some days of waiting and then the Norway vs Kashmir powder war was ready to start!

Got to do a lot of pow cruising and Lars put in on film for our next Kong Vinter III movie, Politiskolen 11.

Torkel stepping on a landmine in the Kashmiri woods.

David finds that even though there has been war for years in Kashmir they are still one with the world fashin and newest colors of paris.

And now we will hit Norway hard, or we have to go to Canada, at least there is no reason to go to the Alps yet this year. But winter has just started and we've still got a lot of pow to eat! See you on the moutain.

Christian, David, Torkel, Jens-Morten and Lars

Exit Night, Enter Light!

In Tromsø last Sunday people where celebrating the return of the sun. We went out for a weather-check, and the snow and the view did'nt exactly disappoint us!

Dr Snegla skiing in to the gully of Storsteienstind. Shades on!


Here comes the sun (It's allright...)

The ridge of Djæveltanna in the background.

Speed is safety... The faster you drive home, the shorter the time you're exposed to the artic cold.


Surfs up! is reporting a recordbreaking  8 meter waveheight on its way to Troms, and rumours say that Kroken will open all the way to the top tonight !  Hold på lommeboka!


Rocky mountains? Let?s eat!!

Don’t know if you’ve heard, but the Rocky Mountains is on tour. “The Rocky’s 2007” is goin’ down in the Alps this January, and the tour crew is cool enough to give us all a taste!! If you’re in the Alps, no reason to watch out, the Rocky’s tour have already reached you!! But we’re a crew fighting back. So here we are. The Assmaster, Dokkleif and Oddny are representin’!!



Oddny tells the Rocky tour 2007 to f**k off, but landing in nice, and soft snow. Just as we want it! (pic by Bottleif. Check out his homepage

Been on a little roadtrip. We started in the place “ikkje aggurat verdens navle”, which we found on the road map in the car. Even if Dokkleif figured it wouldn’t be like Stavanger, or not even as his wagon in Røldal, it turned out to be “verdens navle” after all. So now you know. “Verdens navle” is in Switzerland.


The Ass wants to make sure, and checked it out from various angels…

 After seeing a few other resorts, we figured why not go to Austria. There things started to get serious. Some might even say ugly. Welcome to the first eatin’ competition of the season.


Wearing red, Geir Bottolfs in the left corner. Assman Eggebø from Eggebø Fish and Porn boxing association wearing blue.


Beautiful. We all shared a tear here…


The Ass believes he got the title in sight. Grabbing more leftover pizza than Bottleif.


Bottleif has been out a vinterdag in Norefjell før, and grabs Rasles leftovers. The Ass understands that Kong Norefjell is a though match, and we have a winner.


For those of you looking for deeper meaning when reading bigtrix, the moral is; when skiings rocky, go eating. And Dokka wants to add; Scnaps is immer gut!!



Big Himalaya Trix: Snow report from Kong Vinter in Kashmir

Hello dudes and smoochies! This is Schou, Bror, Porky, Svensken and Monkeyboy reporting from indre Kashmir. We finally found some wireless internet..... NOT.  Well we are alive and kickin it up in the Himal Hold Paa Brillan Gulmarg Alayhjallaa!

Gulmarg Photo
This is the place. no more pictures before we get home. Check for info about skiing Gulmarg.

Crewchange in the mobilehome

Eltoro, Fenrix and Jallis have left the driving-home. We are no 3 guys left; Døhl the driver, Fidje and me. My first 10 days have been awesome (very good). Some new snow have dumped every day. It seems like we finally will see the sun comin` in.

Last meal. Another lunchdessert in the home

The photographer on the other side of the camera80059-228
Eltoro in to the fairytaleforest80059-232
Eltoro out of the fairytaleforest80059-230
I’m eating mushrooms
Stoked Døhl The driver
After the goodbye party are we heading for Vancouver, and up further north. Best regards, Kjetil  

Hold On To Your Wallet! Reporting from Canada.


ElHippo on his way to dinner!


Epic times in British Colombia! Right now the Hygge Vehicle is located in Kicking Horse, Golden. The resort has been treating us really well, and the filming for the new Kong Vinter is on! Fortunately for us KV 4 has some new guest stars making the new Bigtrix-movie a new hit. GammelErik is not only winning the NewYears eve hollahoop contest, but he’s driving like he had his not as nice relative Tykje in his back! Fendrix the Coastguard is skiing way better than Kevin Costner did in the Guardian, and ElHippo uses gravity and weight to make his XXL ProRiders work like a quickshuttle down to dinner in the RV!



Døhl is stealing fame from the dinner makers. Tasting is more like his game…


I guess GammelErik got a different style than I do. He’s more in to the technical stuff while I prefer like smoother moves. Anyway, this is his winning performance and the locals are stoked!


Jan 1. and the new years resolution is to smile like Fendrix.



GammelErik doing what he does best: Hold på lommeboka; a replica from ancient times.



“Should I stay or should I go now. If I stay there will be trouble..”. GammelErik leaving on Sunday, back to work.



Fendrix is following the line of least resistance.



ElToro barely floating.



Hippo skiing with a Avalung in his mouth. Oxygen to his lungs before hi’s going to enter the RV.



GammelErik checking one of his tricks: Is it possible to fool the RV-gas detector?



Sewage dropping is one of the not so nice RV-duties.



When everything fails and you’re not able to hold on to brillan, grab on to lommeboka! GammelErik showing the Norwegian Vancouver exchange students how to maintain their latest new years resolution.


It’s going to snow a meter the next five days in Kicking Horse! We see no reason to leave and Kjutta and Jallis will enter the four wheel home any moment. Next plan is to go to Smithers in northern Canada to ski spines. That is if the passes out of Golden will not close due to heavy snowfalls, as they easily do. Both alternatives is a good alternative;)



Chasing Canadian Freshies With a V10 Recreational Vehicle


ElToro looking for a suitable Xmas tree for our Recreational Vehicle


Our new home, a 10 meter motor home better referred to as a RV (hygge vehicle), is being driven by our stunt pilot ElDøhl. The RV got picked up in Vancouver and has already transported us to several North-American ski-resorts. The first one, Mt Baker, announced a record early, record thick snow base of more than 3 meters of snow at the bottom station! Fresh POW under the Xmas-trees made the best imaginable present for four of us! Unfortunately the US snowboarders were even more eager than the Duracell Swedes logging verticals in Serre, the resort got tracked before the Americans can finish shouting “Tahoe”, and we had to move on. Døhl style, sliding the RV the downhill-turns to Stevens Pass, making Tokyo Drift look like a toy story.



Ski in-ski out facilities!



Happy RV-campers


Right now were in Kicking Horse waiting for New Years Eve, and off course the next snow fall. Meanwhile we’ll hike ridges unavailable for snowboarders, read more than five minutes of boot pack, and at nighttime we’re hanging out at the logger’s bars practicing Hoolahoop-dancing (good old rocke ring) to the beat of the Christmas-Trance. Hoolahooping is actually a big thing in Golden and we better be prepared for the grand dance contest New Years Eve!



Practicing for New Years Eve!



GammelErik doing what he does best: Skrøne-telling; tales from ancient times.



Stevens Pass, its Christmas and its American! And the presents, they’re under the trees!



This is how our mobile home looks like at nighttime. The light-bulbs require a power source of three generators when the motor’s not running, but it’s definitely worth it!



GammelErik in Kicking Horse, alive and he’s kickin’ whores..


Happy New Year everyone! We’ve heard that the interior Troms is getting snow and The Alps are also getting some, finally! We would also like to welcome Kjutta and Jallis to Canada next week, also doing the trans-Atlantic-snow-chase after weeks of  pointless(?) www-snow detecting.



Tahan kacamata! Last Bali surf 2006.

Capt. Tor Henrik watching the last of the sun go down into the pool of hygge.

The trip to Bali has come to an end for Porky and the Captain. We've done nothing but tried to get as much time in the water as possible and squeezed as many waves as we've been able to out of our last days. The fact that we no longer can surf and eat banana pancaces on a daily basis has not hit us 100% yet I think but we are prepared for depressions that can only be helped by drinking a lot of alcohol and getting a lot of powder when we go from tropic to arctic conditions.

Even though we've mostly surfet, eaten and slept, we've had a lot of cool experiences including hanging with cool people, meeting the monkeys, playing guitar, slacklining on the beach, snorkeling with all the caracters from Finding Nemo and learning how to say hold brillan in Indonesian.

Torkel finishing off with a last turn in Green Bowl.

Tahan kachamata they have some beautiful art in this island.

The Captain bringing the last fried noodles with eggs, Bali coffee and banana pancace follow-ups for a while....

Tahan kacamata what a sunset!

Thenx to martin for setting it all up and thanx to Hindra and the rest of the excellent staff! We'll be back!

Torky and the Captain.

Kong Vinter III on holidays in Brasil.

The Official Kong Vinter III Brazilian Premiere

Kong Vinter III has continued on his tour and this time not only in the Norwegian kingdom. In addition to Sauda and Stavanger his last visit included a little warmer conditions in Brazil. Anders Rytter aka Ørt aka Kokken aka Bjarne turned the garden of bigtrix the beach house in Cabo Frio into a royal outdoor cinema, with cachaha flowing, samba rolling and max hygge Brazilian stylee.

When kokken sætts på no hygge he does not hold på brillan hverken when it comes to det ene or the andre. Anders hooked up the local fighters as security, holy diver as the bartender, Turbonegro on the speakers and Kong Vinter III projected in fresh air. There were 130 stoked guests and if there had been any roof outside hælan would definitively be i taket.

Sætt på no Bigtrix and Slakkline grafitti

Big royal outdoor screen in the backyard of Bigtrix The Beach house, run by Ørt in Brazil.

The crew, one lucky with the new bigtrix T-shirt.

His Majesty also visited Stavanger and Sauda where 41 kids showed up on the extra special non alcoholic but likevel meget hygge kids premiere. In Stavanger His Deepness showed himself at Checkpoint Charlie just like last year, and the stavanger crew represented.

A good crowd in Stavanger too.

Stavanger local Dokka has to hold på brillan there are so many tutti frutti blondies in the Surf Capital.

The King moves on! Still keeps coming to an uteplass near you:

Trondheim, Barcircus, (olav trygvassons gate 27) Onsdag 6. Desember (today), 21:00
Oppdal, Nor, Fredag 8. Desember, 22:00
Geilo, Lille Blå, Fredag 8. Desember, 21:00

Bali 2006: more pictures


Life is still the best of the best in Indonesia. The sun is shining and the waves are rolling in, we are tviholding brillan and gettin chill with it. I've been hanging on to Mr Milkshake for a week now, chasing the big and fast and nasty waves. Martin's motto is "it does not matter if it's bad, as long as it is big", so I've been pulling quite a lot in my leash theese days...

After having 2 and three sessions every day my arms were totally hiroshima and I had to take a session off. Stayed on land with the camera and snapped theese nice pictures of Martin:

Mr Milkshake getting ready for some big manic static in glossy conditions.

When it gets small and slow, even the big manic static starts making turns.

Greenbowl, bring them in!

Now Mr Milkshake is going  to visit kjukkola and kokken in Brasil, while Tor Henrik aka the Captain is coming down from the cold north to support me here. Then maybe we can step it down a little, go for some smaller waves and maybe stay a bit more over water. Thanks to Mr Milkshake for letting me stay in the appartment! Will be back with more when the Captain gets here. Surf is up!

-In Bali, Porkyboy

Kong Sommerferie: Surfin Bali I


Just landed in Bali to visit my friend Martin aka El Diablo aka The Big Manic Static (that is him in the picture over), to get a month of summer vacations and surf. It is great! Sun is shining, super warm and the waves are rolling in. The very first day when arriveing we got the first nice session of surf after I got settled in Martin's appartment and provided a Harley Davidson with a board rack

Martin's place, upstairs, in nice and calm surroundings with direct air access to the pool and a steinkast from the beach. I think I can get comfortable here.

Martin taking another nice size ride.

-Torkel in Bali

Winter is ON! Tor reports pow from Tromsø


As previously announced, the Tromsø-mountains were to be investigated as soon as the visibility would improve. It has been done and new records have been set. The city of Tromsø has never seen as much snow on the 2.nov as it did this year, writing 62 cm on the isle of white! And yeah, new records are to be broken as it going to snow all winter!

Wind me up


Jimmy Fendriks lacking a reason to complain.


An alpine start on Saturday due to work schedules meant that the six of us would be back from Andersdalstind already by noon. Mr Fenrik and Joakim decided to spend the rest of the day at “Ølhallen”, read Macks-legendary-beer-factory-outlet serving as a pub opening 9AM and closing 3PM on Saturdays;). A grand Tortilla Flat having the peak of the month at the same time as the social security is being paid, giving our two friends the best possible surroundings for the day! Being fast-learners, they easily adopted routines and manners. As the pub closes as early as 3pm, they did as the regulars and continued to “Jernbanen”. Same place, different wrapping…;)


Vegard making up his mind: “Should I bail out of school and do another year as a well situated ski bum getting my salary from Mjøndalen sport?”


Myself getting used to it!


Nils VS Nils


And if you’re wondering, the skiing was really good! The lower parts of the mountains were quite unaffected by wind (unfortunately the upper parts were not). At the moment it’s getting warmer making the perfect base for the winter to come! But most important of all, next weekend is Oslo-weekend!

The King must be greeted with respect, see you all at Månefisken!



King Commercial - Bigtrix lager reklamefilm

Gateway College ( is starting up a college level course in Engelberg, Switzerland this winter and needed some high powered promotion. Bigtrix delivered big mountains, dirty trix, good snow and hygge on film for their commercial. Check out the videos and see some footage from kong vinter that was not on the teaser: click here to watch movie.

See you for the releaseparty at Månefisken, Oslo, Friday 10th of November at 21:00!

Powder in Tromsø

Bigtrix and Kong Vinter skier Tor Eggebø reports from Tromsø. His white stalleon is drowned in powder and it is still dumping. The Tromsø crew will hit the mountains as soon as the sky clears and they are able to see something up there. See Tor in in the Kong Vinter III movie, this Friday the 10th. in Oslo or Thursday the 16th in Tromsø!

THE PARTY: Friday 10. November.

Friday the 10th. of november this will be ON again. The new Kong Vinter movie accompagnied by lots of hygge, lots of friends, lots of beer and lots of good music. (pictures from last years party)

Like last year the premiere for Kong Vinter III will be at Månefisken, by Akerselva in Oslo. It will be the best party of the fall and all your freiends will be there smiling. This is not a cinema but a party with a little movie showing. The most important thing is not to see the movie but to not be able to see the movie. Because somebody you met on the mountain last year is boxing you in the stommach and spraying fernet in your face. Check the hygge in theese pictures, provided by Tallak and Thomas Monsen (thanx guys):

Stryn fashion: The Moods Of Norway boys and Åse from Aloha Hemp.

Karsten Krabbe and Mari Skåre from Tendenzer

Photographer and pro disco dancer Simen Berg enjoys female company from snowboarder Caroline Karlsen and the Skiforbund representative Kristin G. Evensen.

Magy and the westside boys with extra slick bakoversleik in total hyggenmodus.

Lighthouse playing nice tunes before the movie.

Like last year there will be live music from the Norwegian bands contributing with tunes for the movie. And there we think there will even be a musical surprise as the forgotten great son of Trøndelag might drop by. Also DJ Gore-Tex will be providing funky musical fumes most likely supported by the one and only DJ Storsteika.

Rævstad caught between a boob and a soft place.
 (The ugliest mouth in skiing seen in the very rare shut position.)



see the teaser here:

Places and dates for shows in the rest of Norway is now coming together:
Odda Hardanger Pub, søndag 12. nov. - Bø  tirsdag 14. nov - Tromsø, Flyt, torsdag 16. november - Narvik, Liten Plass, Fredag 17. nov - Sogndal SOHO lørdag 18. nov - Stavanger, Checkpoint Charlie Fredag 24.nov - Official info and more places to come.


Big City Work Life

Left: Lars Klevberg living off of only snus and kaffe these days, trying to get the KVIII ready. Right: The production crew; Azz, Bror, Slakktryne, P2 and Hippo in a secret meeting.

It is worktime. Our movie is premiereing in 13 days and we are not even close too finished... So big city life is upon us and we are joining the rush of fattigfolka down town, drinkin kaffelatte, running to catch the trikk and never leaving home without a skulderveske with some important papers or something in it. At least we've finished the teaser... It can still be watched at




His Majesty has now released the first royal teaser for our coming movie Kong Vinter III. Click on the link to watch it, and enjoy the pow! Give us a comment and let us know what you think too!
CLICK HERE: to see it!


Brasil: last good surf for Kjøttulf

Kjetil just got on a plane to Norway with his huge Blizzard bag full of both surf stuff and ski stuff after theese awesome weeks of South American snow and waves. Luckily he got some really good surf conditions on his last day and went home smiling but unwillingly, on the last bus to catch his flight from Rio. Which by the way is the first flight of the worst inteinerary ever. Two days it takes for this trip through Atlanta, GA, US of Bush.

Kjetil "Kjøttulf" Isaksen enjoying a ride on his new quick 6'4. While the smoochies keep an eye too see if he'll come out of this one standing or looking at the fishes.

it's been a fat stay down here, with kokken ørt's super food and lots of hygge in bigtrix the beach house. The surf has not been the best every day, because of frequent wind but at least we've had practically no days of flat water, and some really good conditions, like on Kjutta's last day.

We also had to celebrate Kjetil's takin' off so we reserved a table at our favorite restaurant, and even at last minute were lucky enough to actually get the very best table of all in the entire establishement:

The manager of our favorite hygge-restaurant in Cabo Frio now treats us like regulars among his customers, smiles the biggest smiles and knows what we want even before we get the chance to order from the extensive menu. A legendary going away dinner for Kjøttulf.

Praia Grandes peeling left at the right conditions.

Fishing boats, and a protected way to paddle out with a nitro boosting current giving you Kelly Slater paddeling skills and making duckdiving unuseful on the way out.  Unfortunately the current does not stop at the lineup, and sends one further to sea and out of the narrow take off area so the easy paddle out is payed for out there.

Me leaving the Big Beach pretty tired in the arms after fighting the current.

I will stay a little while more here before following Kjøttulf over the pool to go do some work for Kong Vinter and his royal ski movie production. Nad prepare for the grand premiere in Oslo the 10th of November (official info to come).

- Torkel

RIO: big city life and speedo spotting

Since the surf conditions have not exactly been up to world class super glossy perfect movie star standards, we headed for Rio de Janeiro for some big city life and speedo spotting. Unfortunately our guide JP got sick and could not go to take us to the dirtiest secrets but a least we found a nice beach, and a statue of the original J master himself.

Crowdy both on and off shore in Rio. No, not big Sunday.

Everybody wears speedos in Rio, walking through the city streets, going to the beach, working out, eating at the local burger shop etc. At first we thought it was a little bit…. kind of like kitesurfing, but now we feel it is natural and will all run to the local bikini shop to expand our wardrobe with these nice small garments. Kjukkola is going nuts between the shops, trying to find a speedo model with a snus pocket.

Surf and speedo, the ultimate combo

Why work out if you can't work out in a speedo?

Check out grand master J-sus!

Big beach city.

Back in small town country now, we're going to hunt for some waves on the small different beaches around here, to see if we can find the perfect little uncrouded break.


-Kjutta and Torky do brasil with Kjukkola and Anders Ørt

Leaving Las Lenas again, with Yaya's birthday to go

We had enough of waiting for Marte, some skiing and going big asado style for this year. Rasseren had to go home to his øko hemp farm in Grunerløkka, Chanòla had to go back to primary school and porkyboy and the meatloaf needed some sunbathing and surfbathing. We got to enjoy our good friend Yaya's bithday, with the BBQing of a pig, and following yaya stylee full on Fernet Branca argentinian open 2006.

Happy birthday Yaya screaming of a hunger that we have only seen in one other human beeing before.... can it be Kjøttulf?

We did get to ski a little goodshit before we left though, and we have enough for a Las Lenas hyggepowpart in our coming ski and snowboard movie Kong Vinter III. We toured to the Torresillas multiple times and got to enjoy fresh lines. Hiking in close to 4000 meters above surf level is good for getting in shape.... the fernet the night before unfortunately was not helping too much....

Porkyboy enjoying some Torresillaspow

Asbjørn getting into a little bit of a nasty situation after hitting the rocks on this cliff exit, but came out good in the end.

So that was it for the Las Lenas visit this year. We want to thank everybody that's helped us, including Yaya, el mafioso big man Ivan, Fernando in the LL office, Sushi Club, Argentinian meat and the Mendoza wine district and many more. Also in general thanks to all the nice people we've had fun with this year, including Barney and his crew of gerdengloved freeriders, Agent Skinner The Coloir Hunter, Lazo Pool, Fruitcup and especially the man who drives the bitches with brroms, without all of you guys it would have been a boring and dirty experience.

Ivan the gordo mafioso himself, ready for a day of food poisening.

All the gringos and locos at Yaya's birthday.

By the way, we also premiered Kong Vinter II in Ufo Point with a full house and stormende jubel and following karaoke gringo madness at the Cowboy. We'll be back!

What are we going to do now? We hear there is some surf going on up north, and that Anders the Chef has establish a little bigtrix the casa, will we have to check it out?

-Kong Vinter III has just left Argentina....

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